I don’t know about you, but when I think of savoring the holidays, I think of our favorite traditions that we “just have to do” each year.

Instantly I’m transported to…

  • Watching Elf and It’s a Wonderful Life curled up on the couch.
  • Decorating sugar cookies and laughing at my non-baking abilities.
  • Teaching my kids about the true meaning of Christmas and giving to others in Jesus’ name.

But somewhere between the leaves falling and the first Christmas song playing on the radio, real life takes over and my responsibilities mount. (I confess that some years I have NOT handled the “extras” well!)

But last year I tried something that helped me savor the holidays, our traditions, and my relationship with God.

Today my friend Sara Ann from Faith Along the Way shares with us the insights she has discovered for how to savor your holiday season.

My secret for savoring the holidays

By Sara Ann of Faith Along the Way

In order to enhance our traditions and spend more time on what matters most, my family and I decided to simplify our lives during the holidays.

We examined our schedules and our “must do” list, and prioritized what mattered most. As a family, we carefully trimmed away the excess “stuff”, both in our schedule and in our holiday traditions.

Our goal was to have MORE family time, MORE time snuggling by the fire, and MORE time enjoying our favorite traditions.

Realistically we knew that in order to make that happen, we needed to focus only on what mattered most and let go of the rest.

One way we wanted to minimize our to-do list, was to spend less time wrapping, shopping, and spending. As a result, we trimmed our gift list and the “clutter gifts” we bought. (Instead, we planned family fun dates and other special gift ideas.)

We intentionally trimmed several other things from our schedule, and only decided to do what we loved most.

The result was amazing!

I wasn’t crazy trying to plan over the top decorations and family activities just because social media said that “good moms” do these things at the holidays.

As a result, I got to savor the holidays, spend more time with my kids, and spend more time drawing close to God during this special season.

I will never go back to filling our holidays with more! The breathing room helped me anchor my soul in God’s promises and spend extra time pouring over His blessings.

The result was a mom with a refreshed heart and spirit, who didn’t mind spending extra energy making things special for her family.

And you can easily experience the same.

How to make your holiday SIMPLE

Are you ready to embrace your favorite traditions and savor the holidays this year?

Take an inventory of your favorite holiday traditions and choose to focus only on them. Vow to let a few less important things fall by the wayside so you can savor this time with your family and focus on your connecting with the Lord.

While I can’t help you wrap your gifts or whip up your favorite pie recipe, I can make ONE thing easy for you this holiday.

Your relationship with God.

It’s easy to let the extra responsibilities or festivities sway your focus from connecting with God during this magical time of year.

Or it’s simple to rush through your time with the Lord because you have something pressing steal your attention.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This year, the Discovering Hope: Holiday Bible Study Kit will make your holiday Bible study simple and practical.

Throughout November and December, you’ll journey through Scripture and explore the character of God and the life of Jesus.

You’ll cultivate a heart rooted in thanksgiving for God’s many blessings in who HE is not, in your current circumstances!

The Reflecting on God’s Word Journal will help you process the Scriptures and apply its promises to your life in a fresh way.

And the Prayer & Journal Calendars will aide in your communication with God and help you go deeper in your prayer life.

Plus, the other components of the Discovering Hope: Bible Study Kit boast creative ways to worship and stay focused on God! (including Bible Journaling templates, FOCUS cards, and gratitude journal templates!)

Click here to get the Discovering Hope: Holiday Bible Study Kit

Are your ready to SAVOR the holidays?

If you’re ready to simplify your life and connect with God in a fresh way this holiday, the Discovering Hope: Holiday Bible Study Kit is for you!

This practical resource will help you simplify your season by having your quiet time materials already DONE AND ORGANIZED FOR YOU!

Instead of wondering what you’ll read each day or skip your quiet time because life is busy, it will help you drink deep of God’s promises and rekindle your spirit in the process.

Friend, you owe it to yourself to make at least one thing simple in your life this season.

Let the Discovering Hope: Holiday Bible Study Kit enhance your holidays by connecting with God in a simple but powerful way. You deserve it!

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