Are you looking for fun summer activities to do at home with kids? This Summer Camp At Home Planner printable is just what you need for a summer full of enjoyable learning activities.

The summer planner for kids will help take your summer from boring to fun-filled while still staying safe at home. The Summer Camp At Home planner has a huge list of themes, activities, meal planner, and checklists to help you make the most of being at home this season.

Summer Camp at Home planner

Summer Camp At Home Planner

Whether you are staying home due to the current situation or simply need activities for kids to do at home, you will enjoy this pre-done for you list of activities to make each week meaningful with children at home.

Our printable planner is free so you can print the PDF and get started right away. Each week has a theme and we’ve included activities, a supply list, cooking fun and more.

Summer Camp DIY

It does take some upfront effort to pull off a fun summer camp at home for you and your kids, but the Summer Camp At Home planner I have listed below will cut your planning time in half.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and with a few minutes of planning now, you can have everything ready for each week this summer.

During the summer camp at home, we suggest you schedule one or two local  field trips every week. Make sure that these are outings or events are open and available for you and your kids.

Here are some safe, local field trip options.

  • Hiking or walking trails. Make it fun by playing “I spy” or collecting cool leaves, stones, and sticks.
  • Geocaching with Kids.
  • Have fun at the local parks with the Kids.
  • Go on a family camping trip, even if it’s in the back yard.
  • Family fishing day.
  • Picnics and bike rides are fun.
  • The kids love going creek wading too.

How Do You Start A Summer Camp At Home?

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of your kids being home all summer?

First, recognize that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Simply doing something is better than huge blocks of time on the calendar and way too much TV and video games. Cut yourself some slack and recognize that something is better than nothing.

Second, create a schedule. All of us do better with a routine, both for each day and each week.

Third, make it fun! Plan activities that are fun for both the kids and for you and don’t create too much work. A little enthusiasm goes a long way toward making it fun for everyone.


Summer Camp At Home Planner

Our Summer Camp At Home planner is a 7 page printable that will guide you in getting started with

Here is how it works…

  • Pages One, Two and Three: Sheets to guide you in choosing different themed activities for different weeks. It comes with a big list of activities to do for each themed week. It has 9 weeks of themed activities and ideas.
  • Page Five of the Summer Camp at Home Planner: Supplies and resources checklist. This will help you keep up with the list of arts & crafts you’ll need, baking supplies you need, your movie list, your book list, and more.
  • Page Six: Weekly Meal Plan for your Summer Camp at home. This page lets you plan out each meal and list the groceries and any prepping you need to make.
  • Page Seven: A weekly theme page for you to list out themes you want to explore. It has space for you to keep track of what you want your kids to learn, explore, any exercise, movies, and much more.

Grab This Printable Summer Camp At Home Planner

Summer camp at home ideas


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What are the benefits of Summer Camp at home?

If you are choosing to stay at home during the summer or being required due to social distancing, summer camp at home will help you and your family make the most of being at home.

Fill your days with fun activities, exploring, trying new things, learning skills and bonding as a family during your summer camp at home.


What Activities Can Be Done at a Summer Camp at home?

Here are some additional ideas to get you started for how to have a fun summer at home together.

Nature Hunt

Flowers and bugs and birds, oh my! Summer is the perfect season to explore nature with kids, whether it’s at a local park or right in your backyard.
Bring a jar (with holes poked in the lid) or simply a pencil and paper to help your child to make observations about the bugs and other bits of nature she collects or sees.
Just be sure to watch out for ticks.

Tie-Dyed T-Shirts

Every camper looks forward to tie-dyed T-shirt day. Buy a tie-dye kit online or at your local craft store.
Hint: Dye one of your child’s stained white shirts rather than buying a new one for an extra-frugal option.. Definitely do this project outside with rubber gloves and “messy” clothes or aprons on.

Water Game Olympics

Camp always features some friendly competition and water games to help kids cool off. Plan an afternoon of backyard water games like sprinkler limbo or sponge dodgeball.
Or, create a basic outdoor obstacle course that incorporates your sprinkler, water balloons, and buckets.

More Summer Camp Activities At Home

Giving each day of the week a theme will make your summer camp at home another fun option.

For example, Monday could be Make Something Monday. This would be that on Mondays your family focuses on building something fun. Do you enjoy Diamond Art or building with Legos? Build a fort in the living room? Or an obstacle course in the back yard!

Wednesday could be Wet Wednesday. You could plan summer camp activities around water. Make a slip n slide from plastic, dish soap, and your water hose, buy a small back yard pool, go to the local creek, or if your public pools are open go hang out there for a few hours. Or maybe buy some water guns and have a water gun battle with your kids.

Friday could be Family Movie night. Rent or buy some movies, pop some yummy popcorn or make your family’s favorite snacks and binge-watch some of your favorite movies together.

These are more creative ideas to get you started. We can’t wait to hear about the additional plans you come up with for meaningful time together this summer.

Have you done a Summer Camp At Home? What was your favorite activity? Let us know in the comments below.


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Summer camp at home

Summer camp at home

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