If you love chocolate, you need to visit Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Years ago, my grandparents visited the town of Hershey. When they came back, my grandma told me two things. One, the whole town smelled like chocolate and two, the street lights were shaped like Hershey kisses.

I knew someday I wanted to visit Hershey for myself and this summer I got my chance. If you are a chocolate lover like me, I encourage you to visit Hershey, Pennsylvania: a chocolate lover’s paradise.

Visit Hershey, PA A Chocolate Lover's Paradise

Thank you to Hersheypark.com for gifting our family with complimentary passes to Hershey Park.

The Hershey Story: Hershey Museum

The Hershey Story

The Hershey Story Museum

We started our visit at The Hershey Story Museum.

Tip: The Hershey Story is in a separate location from Hershey Park. The museum offers separate experiences such as a chocolate tasting and a chocolate lab.

The museum takes about a hour to walk through and guides you through the story of Milton Hershey’s intriguing life. We learned that he went bankrupt twice, donated huge amounts of money to a school that today houses almost 2,000 students, and made chocolate affordable to the common person.

We read in an old employee handbook that Hershey employees could eat as much chocolate as they wanted while on the job.

The chocolate tasting at Hershey Story was one of the highlights of our trip. Each chocolate in the flight was from a different country and ranged from dark to sweet.

Tip: Check out Groupon for deals on this experience and use Ebates to get cash back.

Hershey Kiss Street Lights

Hershey Kisses streetlights

Notice the street lights? Just like my grandma told me.


Hershey Park

Hershey Park

At Hershey Park – let the fun begin!

Hershey Adventure Park offers 70 rides, 14 roller coasters, and a full water park.

Tip: Hershey allows free Sneak Peek hours the night before so you can check out the park for free. This is a great way to preview the park. The lines are not nearly as long for some of the top rides and it’s cooler, too.

The next day, we were ready for a full day of adventure at Hershey amusement park, water park, and Zoo America.

Hershey Chocolate World

Hershey Chocolate World

Hershey Chocolate World

At the front of the amusement park is Hershey Chocolate World. Words will fail to capture the essence of this experience, but I will attempt it.

This place is pure chocolate shopping pandemonium.

Hershey's Chocolate World

Hershey’s Chocolate World – where it’s always Black Friday and the televisions are always made out of chocolate.

Hershey’s Chocolate World is where you can buy absolutely anything Hershey’s related, from Hershey’s Kisses jewelry to 10 lb Kit Kat bars to Reese’s Pajamas. There is a S’mores restaurant (oh yes there is) and every possible type of Hershey’s chocolate you can think of, plus some others you wouldn’t have imagined.

Reeses at Hersheys Chocolate World

I’ll take one of each of these.


Best Places to Stay Near Hershey Park

If you are looking for hotels near Hershey Park, I suggest you consider checking out Airbnb instead, especially if you are staying with a family or a group.

We rented this beautiful home in the Mt. Gretna area, which is in the historic Methodist Campmeet and offered many amenities of its own, including a lake for swimming, a pizza place, small library, playground, and ice cream shop. We also made our own meals which saved us quite a bit of money.

If a hotel is what you need, check out Hotels.com for the best deals, and be sure to use Ebates because you can get a deal on top of the hotels.com deal as well.

Our family had a wonderful time visiting the land of chocolate in Hershey. I encourage you to visit Hershey, Pennsylvania: a chocolate lover’s paradise. You are sure to enjoy your stay as much as we did.

Have you ever been to visit Hershey, PA?

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