The Top 5 Fitness and Weight Loss Planners

Finding time for fitness and healthy eating is a challenge. If we have the goal of weight loss, it’s even more important to find ways to make this is a life priority.

I think all of us can agree that in order to make these life changes, we need to GET ORGANIZED. This is where a really good fitness or weight loss planner becomes important.

I am amazed at the awesome resources that are available right at our fingertips these days. I’ve looked through tons of possible options and below are my top 5. Some are extremely simple (one page) while others are more complex (20 pages or more). Some are pre-done and some planners you can customize to what works best for you. Most are free, but even the ones for purchase are extremely reasonable. Some of these are printable, downloadable versions of fitness and weight loss planners to make this really easy to organize your fitness routine. You can start immediately! Do you like printable weight loss planners? A couple are planners to order from Amazon or pick up at a local store.

All of these have the bonus of being really pretty and motivating, too!

The Top 5 Absolute BEST Fitness and Weight Loss Planners

  1. Of course, I have to start the list with The Holy Mess My Healthy Living Plan wellness tracker. This is a very simple, one page per week organizing system but it has space for everything — workouts, weekly menu plans, even weekly Bible memory verses. Free printable!! Get your free copy of My Healthy Living Plan here! 

2. This super-cute, one-page Weekly Exercise Log will keep you on track with your fitness goals. Such a great weight loss tracker! This is totally free and instantly downloadable. Click here to get this one. 

3. This Health & Fitness Binder from is really impressive! It includes 20 adorable pages, instantly downloaded, totally free. All you need to do is print them and provide your own binder. I was impressed. Get your copy by clicking here.healthbinder

4. Design Finch has put together a variety of printables in one place to create a great whole for her Get Fit Organizer. Pick and choose the pages you want to print for what works for you to create your own custom Fitness Planner. Check out The Design Finch Planning to Get Fit Organizer here.


5. The Ultimate 12 Week Healthy Habit Goal Setting Planner is a creation of Grace Filled Plate and I’m so impressed with this workbook. This is a paid product but well worth the investment. Rather than just giving you a list of guidelines, this planner walks you step by step through how to make small, realistic changes that last.

Click here for more information about The Ultimate 12-Week Healthy Fitness Planner.

BONUS Information: If you want to go for a pre-printed planner, these are my two recommendations.

Fitlosophy Fitbook has everything you need to get your fitness plans organized. The Fitbook includes space for setting goals, weekly workouts, measurements, and more. There is space for a food journal, inspirational quotes, and more. It really has all of what you need jam-packed into one helpful book.
The Happy Planner: Fitness Edition is for you if you love stickers and pretty, creative stuff to keep you motivated and on track with your fitness endeavors. The Happy Planner people know their stuff and this kit is no exception. It includes a planner plus sticker sheets, bookmark, notebook, and pen. I’ve got these stickers and they are super fun! You’ll have more than enough stickers for an entire year to track and motivate you for workouts and healthy eating.


There you have it! These are the top 5 Absolute BEST fitness and weight loss planners, all ready to download or purchase so you can start on your road to fitness and weight loss success!

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Which weight loss planner or fitness organizer works well for you? Are there others that should make the top 5 that I missed? Share in the comments below!

The Top 5 Absolute BEST Fitness and Weight Loss Planners

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