What if I told you there was something that for sure would help you with sticking with an exercise and fitness routine, would you do it? This strategy for sure helps people reach success. Research from as far back as the 1970s has proven this true.

Track your exercise.

We know from research that writing down what you eat in a food log (either on paper or online) works for weight loss, and the same is true of tracking fitness.

Tracking fitness does not have to be anything fancy. This can be writing down your workouts on your calendar. It might be keeping track on an app on your phone.

Every Sunday I write down my workouts for the week, along with plans for the kids’ activities, church, and other scheduled events. My husband and I look at our schedules together and it’s like a big puzzle that we make work. I know if I didn’t plan ahead for workouts, they just would not happen.

Pretty = motivating, so you will love using this Weekly Exercise Log. There is space for your activity, the number of minutes, and if you want to keep track, how many calories you burned. You can also track how much water you drank, and if your workout was cardio, strength, or other (which could be a workout that incorporates both, like yoga).

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