My husband and I stared at each other as we sat on the marriage therapist’s couch. We were less than thrilled with the advice she has just given us.

The two of you need to learn to have fun together again. When was the last time you laughed and had a good time together?

10 Ways to Have Fun with Your Husband Again

Nineteen years of marriage, special needs children, and church ministry had taken a toll on our marriage. We knew our marriage was lacking fun and joy but we figured that was the least of our problems.

We expected the therapist to give us an action plan of working on communication skills. Perhaps we needed weekly sit-down sessions to hash out our troubles.

But – go on more date nights? That wasn’t exactly the advice we were paying $75 an hour to hear.

Yet this advice was exactly what we needed.

It’s not that we didn’t need to work on communication, because we did. And its not that an action plan wasn’t important, because it was. But we were working so hard on our marriage and…life…that we had forgotten how to have fun together.

The counselor reminded us that one of the huge joys of marriage is having a life-long playmate.

In the struggles of life, have you forgotten to have fun with your spouse? If your marriage is in need of a joy-refresher like ours was, here is a helpful list to get you started.


10 Ways to Have Fun with Your Husband Again

Here are 10 ways to have fun with your husband again. Don’t worry about finding the perfect time to get started – pick something simple to try today.

  1. Laugh out loud. The next time your husband says something even a bit funny, notice it and actually laugh out loud. I once read that men consider it a personal victory when they can get a woman to laugh.
  2. Laugh together. Watch a funny movie or TV show together. Enjoy something sweet and funny one of your kids says or laugh at the silly antics of your cat.
  3. Play a game together. Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, or a card game – pick your favorite game. A friendly wager makes it all the more interesting.


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10 Ways to Have Fun with Your Husband Again


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