You find the perfect recipe online.

You think to yourself, “Oh, I have to come back and make this.”

You are sure you will remember where you saw it.

A few weeks later you go back to your social media only to see the recipe is nowhere to be found. You spend half an hour scrolling through your news feed and groups, hunting. You try a Google search and find a few recipes that are similar, but none is the exact one you wanted. FRUSTRATION!

Today you will learn 7 easy ways to save recipes you find online so you can find them again when you want to use them.7 easy ways to save recipes you find online


Below are a wide variety of ways you can save recipes, from the simple to a bit more complex. Find the method or methods that work for you. I would love to hear about your methods in the comments below.


7 Easy Ways to Save Recipes You Find Online


1. Use an App

Two apps I’ve tried with great success are Paprika (currently $2.99) and Copy Me That (free, with paid upgrade). These apps give you the option to save a recipe to your personal app database, create menus, shopping lists and more. These work best for a recipe that is in a blog post or on a website, because there are some plain text recipes that the apps cannot “read” that it is a recipe.

To save something that is on a plain text page, I prefer the Pocket app. This is not a recipe app but a general app for storage. Pocket works on both your phone and desktop computer.

Dropbox or Evernote also work in a similar way. Create a separate “recipes” file or tag within these apps.


2. Pinterest

Some people find Pinterest overwhelming, but I LOVE it. Think of Pinterest as your online bulletin board. Create boards (such as “dinner recipes” and “desserts”) then pin recipes on your boards. I would love to have you join me on Pinterest by clicking here.


3. Facebook “Save” feature

You might notice that people write “following” in the comments of a conversation they want to come back to, or share a recipe to their own page in order to save it for later. These methods are okay, but Facebook has a “save” feature that keeps the comments section from getting clogged with follows. Go to the 3 dots at the top right of any post, and choose “save post” from the drop down options. To access your saved posts, click “home” then find “saved posts” on your navigation bar.

Also, keep in mind that for any Facebook groups you can use the search feature to look for previous posts based on keyword.


4. Send it to yourself

Who texts and emails themselves reminders? *raises hand*

Me! I email myself all the time about all sorts of topics, including recipes. I keep the email as new, or use a separate folder, to store recipes and other to-do list items.

If you know the recipe is one you plan to make within the next day or two, send yourself a link in this quick and easy way.


5. Message yourself

You can send yourself a message on Facebook Instant Messenger or Instagram. This is a super-easy way to keep recipes. While not the most organized for long-term storage, it does work well.


6. Take a screen shot

Take a screen shot (with your smart phone) of the recipe and find it again in your photos. If on your laptop or desktop, use the snipping tool.


7. Cut and Paste

I’m in some Facebook groups where people will post a recipe written out in a post or even in the comments. Sometimes a screen shot won’t work because it requires scrolling. This is where cut and paste works well. Create a Word document, or a file in Google Drive (also available on your phone) or use the “Notes” feature on your phone to paste recipes.


By using one of these methods, you’ll be able to save any recipes you find online and have them at your fingertips next time you need them.

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7 Easy Ways to Save Recipes You Find Online

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