Instant Pot freezer meals are a great way to save time and make easy dinners. Try these ideas for Instant Pot freezer cooking to make dinner fast and fuss-free.

Instant Pot freezer cooking takes simplifying meal planning to a whole new level!

Have you ever tried freezer cooking? Do you love your Instant Pot? They are a match made in heaven.

For over 10 years I’ve been freezer cooking, which is cooking a large quantity of meals to put in the freezer for upcoming weeks. This has been a huge time-saver and also helped me stay within my grocery budget.

Recently I started using an Instant Pot, and I was sure there was a way to put the two methods together but I wasn’t sure how to go about it.

I knew learning how to freezer cook for the Instant Pot would change my meal prep and cooking for the better.

How to Instant Pot Freezer Cook|The Holy Mess

Besides the fact that the Instant Pot pressure cooker allows faster cooking,

 what’s especially wonderful is that food can be placed into the Instant Pot and cooked from frozen. Are you starting to see how easy Instant Pot freezer cooking is?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to thaw my freezer meals, or I put them in the fridge and they are still frozen solid a day or two later when I want to use them.

This isn’t the end of the world, but it can add a significant amount to the cook time.

With an Instant Pot, meals cook the same from frozen or some require 10-15 extra minutes at the most.

I was excited when I discovered Once a Month Meals, which has everything prepared for Instant Pot freezer cooking.

Once a Month Meals has a FREE mini-menu specifically for Instant Pot Cooking.

I highly recommend you check it out if you want to become an Instant Pot planner and have meals ready to keep in the freezer at the ready.

This mini-menu has 5 meals that makes enough for 2 meals each, serving 4 people. Their freezer cooking recipes are delicious, too!

Instant Pot Freezer Cooking

Click here for the Once a Month Meals free mini-menu. (If you don’t have an Instant Pot, Traditional and Paleo meal options are also available for free.)

Once a Month Meals is a paid membership site, but whether you plan to purchase a membership or not I recommend you try the free mini-menu because it will teach you some great insider pointers about Instant Pot freezer cooking.

All the meals we’ve tried so far have been a hit, with the Ranch Pork Chops and Honey Bourbon Chicken being the biggest crowd pleasers with my family.

Instant Pot freezer meals are so easy and truly every bit as delicious as meals that takes a lot longer to prepare

I’m amazed at the array of meals included with a membership, including diet meals with Weight Watchers Smart Points.

The mini-menu comes with a shopping list, prep instructions, cooking day instructions, and labels for your containers. This makes for easy meal planning and healthy eating.

Once a Month Meals

One of the best tricks I learned from using the Once a Month mini-menu is that these 64 oz round containers are perfect for Instant Pot freezer cooking because you can pop the food right out of the container and right into Instant Pot – even from frozen.

Instant Pot freezer cooking tip: Put your meals into ziplock bagspastedGraphic.png within the containers (to get the round shape you need to cook frozen food in the Instant Pot) and then you can reuse the containers easily. 


Instant Pot Freezer Cooking Tips And Hacks

64 oz containers are perfect for freezing meals that can go right into the Instant Pot from frozen.

Here is a link to the containers on Amazon.

I purchased mine at Walmart.

You can use ziplock bags or skip this step and freeze right in the containers. The main thing is not to freeze the meals flat or in a square container because they won’t fit in the IP.

Apple Pie Pork Chops for Instant Pot for freezer cooking Instant Pot recipes

Apple Pie Pork Chops for Instant Pot

Once a Month Meals offers Traditional, Diet, Gluten-Free, Paleo and more options. With a membership these meals can be mixed and matched, plus change the serving size as accommodates your family.
Once A Month Meals

Click here to download your free Instant Pot freezer cooking planner now, and get started with freezer cooking using your Instant Pot pressure cooker.
Once A Month Meals

Do you freezer cook with your Instant Pot?

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Make freezer cooking meal planning easy! Try Instant Pot freezer cooking to save time, eat well, and enjoy easy dinners during the week.

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