Give Someone You Love a Heart Attack Today!

A Quick, Fun Way to Show Some Love.

The DIY HEART ATTACK is a GREAT way to show your husband or kids some love with all the caring and kindness, but it’s okay if you are short on time, cash or creativity.

This was waiting in Mike’s car when he got in for church at 6:30am last Sunday morning:

heart attack

heart attackheart attack


Possible Heart Attack ideas:

  • In your loved one’s car
  • In a suitcase for a trip
  • On a teen’s bedroom door
  • In a bedroom while they are at school
  • On an office desk

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Don’t worry about perfection. My daughters and I cut out some hearts, and I wrote some sweet messages. We tucked a few in the visor so they would sprinkle down when he flipped it to open the garage door.

Have fun with this! Give your kids a Heart Attack on their bedroom door on their birthday, a special day, or when they need a pick-me-up.

The original idea was for Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s fun to do when it’s least expected.Give Someone You Love a Heart Attack!