Bible Journaling is HOT right now and it’s wonderful to see so many people diving deep into God’s Word. Yet it can also become an expensive hobby if you aren’t careful. Read on for helpful tips for Bible Journaling on the cheap.

Bible Journaling on the Cheap|The Holy Mess

How to Bible Journal on the Cheap

When I say Bible Journaling on the cheap, please understand I don’t mean to diminish the value of God’s Word in any way.

But I also want to stress that it’s important to not get hung up on fancy glittery paper, stickers, and accessories to the point that you think studying God’s Word is out of your reach. You can Bible Journal in an inexpensive way and still spend meaningful and creative time with God.

Here are 5 ideas to do just that.

  1. Keep the main thing the main thing.

    The photo below is one of the first photos I ever saw of Bible Journaling. (Photo credit: Good Morning Girls.) This is such a cool photo because this is obviously from a women who is ready to dig deep into God’s word. But what’s the other thing you notice? She’s using a plain old notebook and a regular old Bible, plus some washi tape and colored pencils. That’s it, friends!

Here’s a great post on the basics of getting started with Bible Journaling.

Good Morning Girls, Bible Study Journal

Photo credit:

2. Save on Journaling Bibles.

Journaling Bibles are hot ticket items right now, which also means they will go on sale as more products are pushed to the market.

Watch for blogger give-aways. (I gave one away on my site last year.)

Amazon Prime Day is a good day to consider getting a special offer.

Also realize there is a huge difference in price when you get a hard-bound Bible vs. a Leather cover but the inside of the Bible is identical. Check out the difference in price on these two Bibles:



You can also do Bible Journaling Art in a regular Bible. While the margins aren’t as large, there is still space at the beginning, at the beginning and end of books, at the end, and in the smaller margins. Use any Bible you have at home.

If you don’t have a Bible you can use, try this link: Here are 10 places where you can get a free Bible.


3. Save on craft supplies.

Start with using craft supplies you already have. I started gathering supplies from my kids’ school supplies stock pile, my former scrapbooking days, and my Stampin’ Up days and was pleased to discover I had quite a nice collection of materials available to use.

Team up with friends who also Bible Journal and share supplies. Many of the supplies are more than you will ever use.

Michaels now carries a whole line of Bible Journaling supplies, which I think is super-cool to see. Be sure to clip their coupons or download the Michaels app before you head to the store.

JoAnn Fabric also has some great supplies for Bible Journaling, some of which are only available online.  Be sure you download a coupon.

Also be sure to watch for craft items at Walmart, Target, the Dollar Store and other discount retail outlets.

4. Try Etsy.

Etsy has an amazing collection of Bible Journaling materials. These are templates, sticker sheets you print at home, Bible journaling tabs, Bible reading plans, Bible Journaling kits, and other materials.

While some of these are more expensive since they are done by small businesses, you can feel good knowing you are supporting someone who is working hard to put together a quality product for you. Many of the items are quite reasonable in cost. Here are a few to get you started:

Bible Journaling Margin Strips

Bible Journaling Illustrated Faith Kit

Bible Journaling Prayer Kit

5. Use Pinterest.

There are so many free giveaway pages on Pinterst for Bible Journaling, it’s amazing.

Here are just a few I’ve pinned:

Ultimate List of Free Bible Journaling Printables

Bible Journaling Free Printable

Free Bible Journaling Printables

How do you save money while Bible Journaling?

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