Did you know that Blue Apron has teamed up with Weight Watchers/WW to bring a new line of WW Freestyle meals to the menu? I tried the meals to see what it’s all about and I can’t wait to share my experience in this Blue Apron + WW Freestyle Review.

What is Blue Apron?

Blue Apron is a meal delivery service. Each week you are mailed a box with recipes and ingredients to create 2 or 3 dinner meals.

WW + Blue Apron - is it worth the money?
WW + Blue Apron have teamed together to bring low calorie, tasty meals with WW points.

You choose the recipes you want from a variety of options each week, and you can cancel at any time.

The boxes are delivered to your door with the recipe, instructions, and ingredients packaged and ready to go.

Blue Apron has the packaging down to a science. If you are worried about how long Blue Apron meals stay cold, rest assured the food arrives cold and will stay cold all day if you are at work.

Check out the unboxing video below to see how the food is packaged and delivered.

Click here to learn more about Blue Apron and get $60 off – $20 off each of your first 3 boxes!

What is Blue Apron + WW Freestyle?

Now, Blue Apron has teamed together with Weight Watchers to bring a whole new line up of healthy meal options.

Blue Apron has teamed together with WW/Weight Watchers to bring a line up of healthy meal options.

As someone who is maintaining a 100 pound weight loss and is a WW member, I knew immediately that I had to try this out for myself.

Plus, I knew my readers would be curious if Blue Apron + WW was a worthwhile program.

This my first time trying Blue Apron or any meal kit delivery service.

Blue Apron + WW Review – One Minute Review

I’m going to share the full details of what it was like to use the Blue Apron + WW program, the meals I got, plus the pros and cons, but here’s a quick one minute review.

Blue Apron + WW meal - seared salmon was my favorite.
Blue Apron + WW Seared Salmon Meal – my favorite.

I LOVED the Blue Apron + WW meals. The food was incredibly fresh, delicious, and tasty, and it was so handy to know exactly the points I was eating.

The biggest disadvantage is that the meals are pricey. The food is well worth the cost for the quality you receive, but it’s more than I would typically budget for dinner.

Keep reading for my full review of this WW meal delivery service, plus photos of our meals and my take on how the food tasted for the WW points value.

Blue Apron WW Freestyle Unboxing Video

Here’s a video of opening my first Blue Apron + WW box.

How Does Blue Apron + WW Freestyle Work?

When you try the Blue Apron + WW program, here is what you get.

Each week you choose 2 or 3 meals out of 6 meal options. All meals have WW points listed.

Choose your WW meals on the Blue Apron website or all. Points are listed for each meal.
Choose 2 or 3 meals each week at the Blue Apron website or on the Blue Apron app.

When the box arrives, you will have all the ingredients you need plus a recipe card that clearly explains how to prepare the recipes with instructions and photos.

You also get access to the Blue Apron app which makes it easy to choose your meals, watch tutorial videos, and leave reviews.

How the Blue Apron app works
I really like the Blue Apron app which makes choosing meals easy.

The recipes even had a little bar code scanner so I could quickly scan the meal into my WW app.

Click here to learn more about Blue Apron and get$60 off – $20 off each of your first 3 boxes!

Is Blue Apron + WW Good for Families?

The Blue Apron meals for WW are currently only available as a 2-serving option.

If I had wanted to order enough for our whole family to eat these meals, I would have had to order several boxes per week. (Not in our budget.)

While the food was incredibly tasty, I wouldn’t consider it kid-friendly. This was, for me, one of the biggest disadvantages of the program.

As a mom of 5 kids, dinner is usually a meal we all eat together. It’s rare for me to cook a separate meal for myself, but that’s what I ended up doing on the days I used the Blue Apron meal kits.

If I was cooking for just 2 of us Blue Apron would be a great option, and if I was single I could see this working really well because you would have one portion for dinner and the other for lunch or dinner the next day.

Blue Apron + WW Complete Review Video

Watch our video review of Blue Apron + WW.

Do the Blue Apron + WW Meals Taste Good?

Those of us doing WW all love food, right? Sure we want to stay within our points but anything we eat has to taste great.

I can tell you the food is absolutely delicious.

Blue Apron + WW meals are delicious and the portions are huge.
The Blue Apron meals are tasty and the portions are generous.

Out of the 3 meals I ate the first week, one was very good (Mediterranean Lentil Bowl), one was spectacular (Salmon with Zucchini and Farro), and one was pretty good (Roasted Chicken with Jalepeno-Orange Sauce).

All the ingredients were incredibly fresh.

The day we ate salmon, we joked that we could tell it wasn’t your run-of-the-mill salmon that comes frozen in a bag from Walmart (which is what our family normally eats).

The portions are also huge, and I don’t say that lightly because I’m a volume eater. I can’t stand so-called “diet” meals that are really just high calorie food in a tiny portion.

The first meal we created, the Mediterranean Lentil Bowl, my daughter and I double and triple checked that we hadn’t mis-measured somehow because we were surprised at the large portions.

I never once felt hungry after one of these meals.

I liked that with Blue Apron I got to try out new flavors and ingredients.

If you are not an adventurous eater this might be a disadvantage for you, but I loved this. No flavors were too crazy or out-there, but some of the items, like farro, were things I had never eaten before.

Are the Points Reasonable for the WW + Blue Apron Meals?

The WW points for the meals are somewhat high. While some of the meals are lower, many of the meals are quite a bit higher in points than I would prefer.

Some meals are in the 6-8 point range but many are around 12-15 points. I get 23 points for the day, so while 14 points is do-able, it’s definitely more than I would typically spend on dinner.

In years past I used to eat a very low-point breakfast and lunch to save up for dinner, but what I found was that by dinner time I was starving and either snacked my way through preparing the meal or ate my dinner plus seconds and thirds.

These days I try to keep my points more evenly spaced throughout the day, which means 6-7 points per meal if I want to have a few points for snacks, too.

The one thing I would say is that the meals are filling and tasty, so they are worth it in that regard.

Certainly on many meals you could eat a portion for dinner and save some for the lunch the next day, which would reduce the points.

I noticed that the meals have low-point ingredients like chicken, seafood, and lots of vegetables, but they also cook with more olive oil than I typically would use.

Are Blue Apron Meals Easy to Prepare?

Each Blue Apron meal takes about 25-30 minutes to prepare and there are step by step directions with photos. We found the meals relatively easy to make, but in all fairness my adult daughter is a sous chef and I enjoy cooking and baking so we came into this at-ease in the kitchen.

Blue Apron meals are easy to prepare and all the ingredients you need are included.
We found the meals easy to prepare.

If you truly don’t cook at all, these meals might be a bit challenging for you.

In order to keep the time to a reasonable 30 minutes or less, you are overlapping steps. (For example, while chicken is cooking, you chop the carrots and you might also need to keep an eye on rice that is simmering.)

The Blue Apron app and website have instructional videos for techniques such as how to brown butter or dice a certain way.

We found their time allotments to be right on for the amount of time it took us to prepare the meals.

I enjoy cooking and found it relaxing to make the meals because everything is laid out so nicely and all the ingredients are right there ready to go.

I think using Blue Apron will improve my cooking skills. I notice they tend to pan-sear meat or cook it at a high heat for a shorter period of time than what I typically would, so these are techniques I plan to use in the future.

Are the Blue Apron + WW Meals Worth the Price?

Blue Apron + WW pricing plan
Blue Apron + WW Pricing

If I had to name the biggest disadvantage to the Blue Apron meals, it would have to be the cost.

Meal delivery service can be pricey.

If you typically eat in restuarants or use a lot of prepared foods, I could see where this would save you money. There is some money savings because you don’t have to buy a whole jar of each spice and you only buy the ingredients you need.

Still, there’s really no question that meals I prepare myself are quite a bit lower in cost than Blue Apron meals. We typically eat more simple meals like casseroles, soup, and whatever is the latest thing coming out of my Instant Pot.

Blue Apron Coupon Code

As of October, 2019 you can get a week’s worth of meals to try for $27.95 which is a great deal.

You don’t need a coupon code – just click to the Blue Apron website and click the “redeem offer” button in the top bar. This offer is only for new users. You can get a discount on your first week of boxes, which helps considerably.

I would encourage you to give Blue Apron + WW a try for at least the first few weeks that you get the discount. With the discount the cost is reasonable and it’s fun to try something different.

Blue Apron would also be a wonderful item to ask for as a gift. I would be happy if I received a Blue Apron gift certificate for a holiday or birthday.

Click here to learn more about Blue Apron and get$60 off – $20 off each of your first 3 boxes!

How Do I Cancel Blue Apron Meals?

When you start Blue Apron, one of the things I really like is that you can pause any week’s meal delivery up to 5 weeks in advance.

So in theory, you could join Blue Apron and get the first week’s discounted meals, then continue to pause the meals each month and only use it once in awhile when you want to.

Using the Blue Apron app, it's easy to pause a week's meals.
Using the Blue Apron app, it’s easy to pause a week’s meals.

Of course you would have to keep track to make sure you pause the meals you don’t want, and you have to pause or cancel before an order is shipped.

Can You Stop Blue Apron After the Free Trial?

Yes, you can cancel after the free trial. You are under no obligation to continue.

How do I Cancel Blue Apron Meals?

Once you are sure you no longer plan to continue Blue Apron meals, you cancel in your account settings, by email, or by phone.

Sample Week of Meals with Blue Apron + WW

Here’s a walk through of what one week’s WW + Blue Apron meals were like.

Meal 1 – Mediterranean Lentil Bowl with Roasted Cauliflower & Yogurt Dressing

This was the first Blue Apron meal we tried. It was definitely not something I would typically make, although it’s the type of meal I might order in a restaurant.

Our Mediterranean Lentil Bowl Blue Apron meal - only 2 points!
Just 2 points for this lentil bowl dinner.

I loved the Harissa paste blended with yogurt.
The soft-boiled egg on top was a nice touch.

Plus, the whole meal was only 2 points!

The flavors were delicious and the portions were huge.

Meal 2 – Seared Salmon with Zucchini, Date, and Pepper Farro

This meal knocked it out of the park in deliciousness. I would easily say this meal was restaurant-quality.

Sara - showing off Blue Apron salmon meal
We impressed ourselves!

The combination of sweet dates, spicy pepper, then salmon with a creamy dressing was perfect.

I would order this meal again without hesitation.

Meal 3 – Roasted Chicken with Jalapeno-Orange Sauce with Sauteed Cabbage and Mashed Potatoes

This was the meal I was most looking forward to trying, but it ended up being my least favorite. Each individual item tasted good but somehow the flavors didn’t blend together for me.

This had a packet of butter, which again was a bit surprising for a WW meal, but did feel like a treat.

Blue Apron roasted chicken meal
Blue Apron roasted chicken meal.

At 14 points, that’s on the high side of points so while the meal was fine, I really wanted it to taste great.

Pros and Cons of Blue Apron + WW

Here’s a recap of the Pros and Cons of Blue Apron + WW Meals.

Pros of Blue Apron + WW Meals

  • Delicious food with high quality ingredients.
  • Tastes great.
  • Delivered to your door and packaged ready to cook.
  • WW Points calculated.
  • Healthy foods with plenty of vegetables.
  • Easy to prepare in 30 minutes or less.
  • Huge portions.

Cons of the WW + Blue Apron Meals

  • Expensive.
  • WW Points somewhat high.
  • Only comes in the 2-serving option.
  • Not especially family-friendly.

Would I recommend Blue Apron + WW Meals?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Blue Apron + WW meals. The food was delicious and the quality of ingredients were excellent. The prep was well laid out which made the whole experience fun.

While the WW points are on the high side for some of the meals, it’s worth it for the portion size.

If cost is a factor, try out their offer to get $20 off your first 3 boxes for a total of $60.

Have you tried WW + Blue Apron meals? I’d love to hear what you think! Share in the comments below.

Click here to learn more about Blue Apron and get $60 off – $20 off each of your first 3 boxes!

Disclosure – All opinions in this review are mine alone. I was not compensated by Blue Apron and I purchased the WW meal kits. I am an affiliate for Blue Apron.

Post updated October, 2019.

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