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How to Deal with Your Broken Places: Messy Life? Holy Clean-Up! (2)

Thank you for joining us for the second in our series of Messy Life podcasts. Each session can be listened to individually, or you will receive the most benefit if you listen to the series in order. Click here to go to the first podcast. I pray God speaks to you through this teaching!

Life is messy. Yet there is hope. God doesn’t leave us in our messes.

I feel broken. Dysfunctional. In a Pit. Now what? This podcast answers that question. I share about a very personal broken place I was in during the time I taught this class.

[youversion]Romans 8:5-6[/youversion]

How to Deal with Your Broken Places

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Music Video: Josh Wilson – Fall Apart

Note: Portions of this class refer to Stuck Bible Study by Jennie Allen.

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