Where to Turn When You are Unsure: Messy Life? Holy Clean-Up!

Welcome to the first in our Messy Life podcast series! This is the first in a series of 8 sessions and is a recording of a Bible study I taught at our church. Although you will receive the most benefit if you listen to the whole series, each podcast can be listened to individually and you will benefit. I pray God speaks to you through this teaching.

What does God think of me? How can I handle my life when I feel completely overwhelmed and unsure where to turn? Listen below.

Personal Reflection

(Complete before listening to podcast.)

1. My Name:

2. A fear I have:

3. An ongoing struggle/trouble/addiction/relationship issue I have:

4. An immediate difficulty I am currently facing:

5. Something that holds me captive or holds me back:

6. An area where I am dissatisfied with my life circumstances:

7. My name:

Where to Turn When You are Unsure

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Music Video:  Jason Gray – Remind Me Who I Am

Note: Portions of this class refer to Stuck Bible Study by Jennie Allen.

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