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Where to Turn When You are Discontent: Messy Life? Holy Clean-Up! (4)

Welcome to the 4th in our series of eight podcasts about our Messy Life and how God comes to meet us in our broken places. I am praying for you as you listen to this teaching! These recordings are from a Bible study I taught at our church. Each can be listened to individually and for the full benefit, listen to the whole series. The first podcast is here.

Are we supposed to be content or discontent in this life? What are the ways God answers prayer? Listen to find answers.

Note: Check out the hysterical Tim Hawkins video at the bottom of this blog. We are huge Tim Hawkins fans in our family! This has a good message about contentment.

[youversion]John 12: 24-26[/youversion]

[youversion]Jeremiah 29:11-13[/youversion]

Where to Turn When You are Discontent

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Something Better

What would it take for you to never be discontent again? List everything big and small. Give this list to God. This isn’t to say you will not get these items! This is about giving control to God.

prayer answers

Music Video: Sidewalk Prophets – Live Like That

Comedy Video: Tim Hawkins – Third World

Note: Portions of this class refer to Stuck Bible Study by Jennie Allen.

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