The 5 Week Weight Loss Program will guide you through how to lose weight in 5 weeks in a safe, realistic way that really works.

Are you someone who has struggled to lose weight?

Maybe like me, you are a person whose weight has gone up and down the scale for most of your life.

Perhaps you have been trying to keep the same 10-15 pounds off for years. You know you would feel better if you would eat healthy and start exercising.

The Struggle IS Real

But it’s tough. Life is busy and you have other people who depend on you.

Maybe you’ve tried diets in the past only to gain the weight back, which is totally depressing.

I get it.

For most of my life I was overweight, and during much of my adult life I was 100 pounds overweight. One hundred pounds is a lot of weight to carry around every day. It’s a heavy burden in so very many ways.

Ten year ago I began the process of seriously dealing with my eating issues. Since then, I’ve maintained my 100 pound weight loss, and I eat a healthy, normal diet (with some treats).Sara Before and After

Food is not the focus of my life anymore.

I’ve gone from someone who used to hate exercise to someone who now enjoys it. (Read my 100 pound weight loss story here.)

Mike and the kids with me at the Finish Line

Mike and the kids with me at the finish line.

Is it possible to make significant changes to your health, weight, and fitness in a short amount of time?



How to Lose Weight in 5 Weeks

You are busy. I get you.

You don’t have time for a long, complicated program. And who wants weird (and expensive!) pills or powders?

Check out The 5 Week Weight Loss Program and get ready to make small changes that have lasting results.

We have 2 great options for you with The 5 Week Weight Loss program:

  1. The FREE 5 Week Weight Loss Mini-Course
  2. The 5 Week Weight Loss Workbook


FREE 5 Week Weight Loss Mini-Course

Join our FREE 5 Week Mini-Course, which includes a 20 page download plus a weekly email to keep you motivated!

Click here to join this free weight loss e-course. This a free mini-version of this workbook.


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The 5 Week Weight Loss Workbook

The 5 Week Weight Loss Program Workbook


Wouldn’t you love to have all the tools you need for lasting, realistic weight loss together in one handy resource?

Corinne Baur, personal trainer and nutrition specialist, and I wrote The 5 Week Weight Loss Workbook.

I love this workbook because it’s a digital download so you can start NOW. Today.

It’s only $12 so it’s affordable. You can print the materials or view them on your smartphone. (I recommend saving the document to Evernote or Pocket app.)

This 54-page workbook is a step-by-step guide that will lead you through making small changes that have lasting results.

Each week includes a different healthy eating focus, exercise guide, and so much more. We’ve done all the work. You simply follow the steps as outlined.

Average weight loss is 5-10 pounds when following the program as directed. (Always check with your doctor before beginning a weight loss program.) That’s just during the 5 weeks. You’ll keep going with the healthy habits you’ve established, because we are teaching you how to make changes that are for keeps.

Included in the workbook:

  • Weekly healthy eating guide
  • Weekly healthy recipe
  • Printable Bible verse cards
  • Goal sheets
  • Steps challenge
  • Planks challenge
  • Much more!

Give yourself the next 5 weeks. Become the healthy, fit YOU that you and your family deserve.

The 5 Week Weight Loss Program Workbook

(Note: immediate digital download — you will NOT receive a printed book, you print this yourself.)

54 pages



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