Learn how to approach your Christian weight loss journey with these 7 truths for how to lose weight with God’s guidance.

Have you tried to lose weight only to find yourself gaining more weight in the process? Do you feel guilt over this area of your life? Do you wonder what your faith has to do with your weight loss efforts? Learn how to make God the center of your weight loss journey.

How to lose weight with the power of GodWhat is Christian Weight Loss?

Christian weight loss is keeping Christ the center of your weight loss efforts. This is a distinct difference from other weight loss programs because when you rely on your own strength you quickly run short, become weary, and give up. Yet Christ fills you with His mighty power and strength to do what at first seems impossible.

Christian weight loss is striving to honor God with your body. In 1 Corinthians 6:19 it says, “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God?” God cares about your body and what you do with it.

Is there a Biblical Diet Plan?

How does the Bible address weight loss?

Recently, I heard someone say in an online discussion group, “The Bible is not a weight loss manual so stop trying to make it one.” I was so shocked when I read that, I actually sat back in my chair a minute. She went on to write, “The Bible has a central message it is trying to convey. Stop trying to twist it into something that it’s not.”

While on the one hand I vehemently disagree with this person’s comment, on the other hand I do see her point. It’s important not to twist God’s Word for our own purposes. The central message of the Bible is salvation through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ.

Is the Bible a specific, detailed weight loss manual? No. The Bible does not give specific weight loss instructions like whether you should eat Paleo or low carb or vegetarian.

Can the Bible guide your weight loss? Yes. God cares about every aspect of your life, and the Bible does give specific guidance on how you are to live, move, and have your being – and that includes how you eat.

The Bible also teaches that gluttony is a sin. Overeating is wrong. Yet because of Jesus’ sacrifice for you, you are freely forgiven and given new life in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). This new life from the Holy Spirit living in you makes it possible for lasting change to happen.

Biblical weight loss plan

What’s the Best Weight Loss Program?

As someone who has lost 100 pounds and been maintaining it for the last 10 years, I often have people ask me, “What is the best weight loss program?”

The truth is that there is no one right weight loss program for everyone. I personally like Weight Watchers and have had great success with it, but counting points might not be for everyone and that is okay. Lost of members of our online Christian women’s fitness program use keeping a food log or app such as My Fitness Pal. Some of our members follow a Keto or Paleo lifestyle.

The essential element of any weight loss program is that you must eat fewer calories than you burn. How you do this can be done in a number of ways; however, any weight loss plan you choose must, in addition to a calorie deficit, give you overall healthy nutrition, enough calories to sustain energy for your busy days, and help you feel your best.

Plus, the food needs to taste good because food is delicious!

Choose a plan that is realistic to stick with for the long term. Juice cleanses, detoxes, and cabbage soup diets for weight loss might work for the short term, but they don’t lead to long-term success.

Before and After Weight Loss: My Story

Most of my life, I was overweight. For as long as I can remember, I struggled with compulsive overeating and binge eating. Fifteen years ago, that changed when I started the process of losing weight for the final time.

Accepting God’s grace and love for me was a huge part of how I was able to make lasting change. Read my 100 pound weight loss story here.

Sara Before and After weight loss

Today, I’m maintaining a 100 pound weight loss and have been for over 10 years. If you are feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, I’m here to reassure you that Christian weight loss is absolutely possible!

You do not have to stay stuck in unhealthy eating patterns. Freedom through Christ is available to you.

Below are the 7 truths that were an integral part of my Christian weight loss journey and important in understanding how to lose weight for the long term while keeping Christ at the center of your efforts.

Christian Weight Loss: Losing Weight by the Power of God

  1. God cares about your weight loss plans.
  2. Use Bible verses for weight loss.
  3. Pray for weight loss.
  4. Trade guilt for grace.
  5. Don’t quit.
  6. Make one small change at a time.
  7. God heals.

As someone who is maintaining a 100 pound weight loss, I understand that the process can feel overwhelming, depressing, and incredibly frustrating. Do not lose heart and do not give up! Freedom in Christ is absolutely available to you.

Here are 7 truths that are vital to your Christian weightloss journey.

1.God cares about your weight loss plans.

At times you may wonder if God cares about your weight loss journey. What does God really have to do with those late night ice cream splurges or whether you put extra butter on your popcorn? Does God care all that much if your dinner side dish is salad instead of mashed potatoes?

Yes a Christian, you know that God cares about every aspect of your life, and certainly as the creator of your very being, God cares about your body and how you treat it.

God gave you food to enjoy but He also doesn’t desire for you to eat to the point of being miserable. God loves you and wants what is best for you – including in the area of healthy eating.

Does God care about your weight loss plans? Yes! He does.


2. Use Scripture for losing weight.

One of the most powerful tools you have in your weight loss journey is God’s Word of truth. The world tells you all kinds of things that are not true. The enemy, Satan, whispers lies in your ear. You even tell yourself things that aren’t true all the time.

Yet God’s Word is always true. It’s the compass that continually points you back in the right direction once again.

This post with weight loss scriptures is a wonderful reference to refer back to again and again when you need a reminder of God’s truth in your life. Here are a few of my favorites:

Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.

I Corinthians 6:19-20

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesians 2:10

The eyes of all look to you in hope; you give them their food as they need it. When you open your hand, you satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing.

Psalm 145:15-16

20 Bible Verses for Weight Loss

I also use these printable Christian weight loss affirmations, Christian healthy eating affirmations, and Christian fitness affirmations to remind me of God’s Words of truth on a regular basis.

3. Pray for weight loss

Prayer is a vital part of the Christian weight loss process. Prayer is our regular communication with God. God tells us that we should come to him in prayer. James 4:2-3 says you do not have because you do not ask. So – ask!

  • Ask God for help to avoid temptation.
  • Ask God for help in making healthy choices.
  • Ask God for weight loss and body wellness.
  • Ask God for His guidance and support as you make these changes in your life.

Be sure to check out our free online Christian weight loss program here which includes prayers to lose weight.

4. Trade guilt for grace.

Learning to accept grace was one of the most challenge and also most pivotal aspects of my 100 pound weight loss journey. Some Biblical diet plans beat you over the head with guilt, but for me compassion was the answer that completely turned around my overeating patterns.

Overeating is a sin, but you have a Savior, Jesus, who has paid the price for your sins. You have freedom and new life in Christ no matter what the number on the scale says.

If you are stuck in the binge eating cycle, it might look something like this.

The Binge Eating Cycle

Binge eating often follows a pattern.

Restrict (diet heavily, deny foods) —> Overeat —> Guilt —> Restrict even more

On and on this cycle can continue if you don’t receive help, but what is also amazing is that the cycle can be broken by changing any one part of it. Changing the guilt to grace had an immediate and lasting impact on my weight loss results.

Click here to learn more about how to trade guilt for grace when it comes to weight loss.

5. Don’t quit.

Focus on progress, not perfection.

Weight loss requires an incredible amount of tenacity, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose like I did. The temptation is to give up when the going gets hard or when you fall back into old, unhealthy eating patterns.

I’ve heard so many people say, “I can lose weight for awhile, but I fall off the wagon and gain it all back.” I totally relate to this problem because for many years I did the same thing. I would have a little bit of success, but then I would gradually slip back into old habits and soon I felt like I was right back where I had started.

Our enemy, Satan loves to trick you into thinking you will never find success with weight loss. This is where the importance of Bible verses for weight loss become so important. You must combat the lies of the enemy with God’s truth. Thinking that you will never find success is a lie the enemy whispers in your ear.

To put it simply, don’t quit. This sounds basic but how many times have you started and then stopped a weight loss program?

Don’t quit this time. Keep going, no matter how many times you feel like you’ve messed up. Stick with it and try again at the very next meal.

Focus on the progress you have made and the steps you have taken toward success. Each time you try a weight loss program, whether for a week or a year, you learn new strategies that you can use the next time. You are not stuck and you are not back to the beginning because you have learned important lessons.

6. Make one small change at a time.

At Faithful Finish Lines, our online weight loss program for women, we encourage our members to focus on one small change at a time.

Choose one realistic, helpful change to begin today. It might seem tiny and inconsequential now, but those small changes add up over time.

This week, trade soda for water. Just focus on that one small change. Once that is part of your regular habits, move on to adding a salad to your dinner. Once adding a salad to dinner feels normal, try trading one of your junk food snacks for a fruit or vegetable option.

If you make one small change each week this year, by next year you will have made over 50 positive changes, which adds up to a major weight loss.

7. God heals.

When you are stuck in unhealthy eating habits, you need God’s healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Physically, your body is worn out and hurting from carrying extra weight. Your taste buds may be used to eating fatty, salty junk food that is not healthy and nutritious.

Emotionally, healing needs to happen. You may be carrying around old hurts that continue to wound you. Overeating soothes the wounds, at least for a short time, but the soothing doesn’t last. Being overweight in this world brings new wounds, too, and so the cycle continues.

Overeating is often an addiction similar to drugs or alcohol. You become addicted to the feeling of numbing yourself with food and being overly full. For many years I was stuck in a binge eating cycle so I understand the strong pull of this eating pattern.

Spiritually, you may feel like withdrawing from God because of your unhealthy habits. Resist the urge and run to your Father for help instead.

My friend, be encouraged here today. Our God is a God of healing!

God has the power to heal you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. God can break every bond of addiction. Jeremiah 17:14 says, “Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.”

While healing can be immediate, for me healing from my eating addictions was a slow, at times painful process. But it did happen! God does not desire for you to stay stuck in this unhealthy way of life.

Trust and believe that God will heal you. Listen to this amazing promise from Isaiah 57:18-19, “”I have seen their ways, but I will heal them; I will guide them and restore comfort to Israel’s mourners, creating praise on their lips. Peace, peace, to those far and near,” says the LORD. “And I will heal them.”

Is exercise necessary for weight loss?

You’ve now read 7 truths for how to lose weight with God’s guidance. You may be wondering, “Is exercise necessary for weight loss?”

Exercise is not necessary for weight loss. When I lost 100 pounds, I lost the first 40 pounds without doing any exercise at all.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a huge believer in exercise for wellness and maintaining a healthy weight. My story includes moving from a total couch potato to walking to running to eventually triathlons, distance cycling, and Tae Kwon Do. God has taken me on quite a journey when it comes to fitness!

So while I’m a huge believer in the benefits of exercise, ultimately diet is much more important for weight loss. There’s a great saying when it comes to weight loss and exercise,

You can’t outrun your fork.

The majority of your emphasis should be on healthy, realistic diet that reduces calories while maintaining nutrition. Gradually increase your activity. Once you have lost some weight, regular exercise is helpful as part of your plan in order to maintain healthy weight.

If you have to choose between focusing on diet or exercise for weight loss, diet must always come first.

Sara first triathlon swim

Exercise has been a huge part of my 100 pound weight loss journey, but it’s not actually necessary for weight loss.

Now you have learned the essentials elements of Christian weight loss, the truth about a Biblical diet plan and what is the best diet plan for weight loss. I shared my before and after weight loss story.

You have 7 truths for how to lose weight with God’s guidance, which include knowing that God cares about your weight loss plans, using Bible verses for weight loss, praying for weight loss, trading guilt for grace, learning why “don’t quit” matters so much, focusing on one small change at a time, and recognizing that God heals.

Christian Online Weight Loss Program

People who receive support from other people during their weight loss journey lose three times as much weight as those who try to go it alone. Faithful Finish Lines is an online Christian women’s online weight loss program. Start with our free 5 day challenge, Grow Your Faith, Lose the Weight.

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Steps to Christian Weight Loss by God’s Power

  1. Know that God cares.

    Remember that God cares about every aspect of your life, including your health, weight, and food choices.

  2. Use Bible verses for weight loss.

    Cling to the truth of God’s Word as you lose weight.

  3. Pray for your weight loss progress.

    Ask for God’s help and guidance in making healthy choices, avoiding temptation, and honoring Him with your body.

  4. Trade your guilt for grace.

    Overeating is a sin, yet God has freed you from every sin. Victory is yours. Live in grace.

  5. Don’t quit.

    The Bible tells us to run the race with endurance. You can lose weight by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  6. Make small changes.

    Focus on one small change a time. Each healthy choice counts and they add up over time.

  7. Remember that God heals.

    God is your great Healer and Provider. Trust in Him to heal you.