Let’s have a Bible journaling revival!

If you are anything like me, one of your favorite things about Bible journaling in the fun, fresh way it allows you to dive into The Word. After years of daily Bible reading, Bible journaling allowed me to stop just reading and start doing! I love the hands on approach to read and study scripture that Bible journaling provides. Unfortunately, even the best things can grow tiresome. If your Bible journaling has become more a chore than an adventure what you need is a Bible journaling revival! Google defines “revival” as an improvement in the condition or strength of something.  Keep reading for ways to revive your Bible journaling.

Let's Have a Bible Journaling Revival

Revival Step One : Limit and Specialize

The Bible is a big book and it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Sometimes I find myself getting lost and don’t know what to journal. For revival step one try limiting or specializing your focus. Chose one of the following ideas to get your Bible journaling revival started.

*Focus and work through one book of the Bible

With all the beautiful Bible journaling ideas fluttering around the internet it can be easy to become a Bible butterfly — floating from verse to verse and book to book. Let’s stop skipping about and grab on to one moment. Commit to one book. Slow down and focus to strengthen your Bible journaling.

*Use a themed reading plan

If sticking to one book isn’t for you then try sticking to a specific theme. Find a reading plan that has a specific theme. Here is one of my favorites from The Holy Mess. Using a themed reading plan will help you dive in and focus to increase strength in one area.

*Limit supplies to create a challenge

Colored pencils, watercolors, gelatos, oh my! I love all the different options Bible journaling offers, but the choices can also overwhelm. Sometimes I spend so long choosing materials that I run out of time. To avoid this I often limit my supply options for a while. Try choosing a color theme or specific material and limit yourself to that. Perhaps only blues and green or washi and stickers for a month. Limiting your supplies gets your thoughts off of the choices and onto the scripture.

*Buy a devotional kit for a new spin

A devotional kit is a great way to try several of these revival ideas at the same time. For my personal Bible journaling revival I am choosing the Illustrated Faith “Revival Camp” devotional kit. The Illustrated Faith kits offers a themed reading plan and all the supplies you need in one box. Want to join me? Pick out your favorite Illustrated Faith kit here.


What’s Inside Illustrated Faith’s Revival Camp

*Four devotionals perfect for a laid back summer pace
*Alpha stickers galore
*The cutest washi
*Paper bits and pieces to make beautiful pages easy
*Bible journaling “trail mix” full of embellishments
*Camp patches to award yourself each time you complete a devotional
*Bonus: This kit comes wrapped up and ready for gifting so grab two and bring your bestie along for revival time!

“Revival Camp” kit is loaded with devotionals and supplies to jump start your Bible journaling revival. It’s ready to help you explore your heart through prayer and fellowship. Click here to purchase your “Revival Camp” kit from Illustrated Faith.

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Stay tuned for more Bible journaling revival ideas coming next month!!

Are you joining us for a Bible journaling revival? Visit The Holy Mess Bible Journaling Facebook Group to share how you changing things up to strengthen and improve your Bible journaling.

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