Everyone agrees that moving is stressful, yet the chance for a fresh start is also exciting. The flood of emotions during the beginning days is unlike any other life experience. These are my reflections on the first few days in a new city.

Can you relate?Reflections on the First Few Days in a New City|The Holy Mess

The Trip

I packed up 2 of my 5 children and headed to New York.DrivingZack sleeping in the car

We are doing this transition in a mosaic of journeys and trips. It’s been an odd mish-mash of we are here and we are not. “Settled” is not a word that fits me yet, but I am one step closer.

I memorized my new zip code quickly as I typed it into each gas station pump between Colorado and New York. I had to text Mike the first time to ask him what it was.

It’s been helpful to adjust slowly, but long transitions are tough. Have you ever done a move in bits and pieces?


What I Miss

I miss Colorado.

No. I miss the comfort of home.

Home is normal. Home is comfortable.

Home is where I know where everything is. Home is what I am used to.

I don’t miss our house, even though I feel like I should. When I think of it, I think of someone else living there now. I don’t want to go back to it.

I don’t want to go back to the way things used to be. I’m ready to move forward.

I wish I could take comfortable with me into new. And a few of my best friends.

I miss $1 drinks at McDonald’s. (They are $2.50 here — say what?!)

I miss having a washer and dryer. It’s a pain dragging our clothes to the laundromat every few days. I have a new appreciation for those.

I miss having space of my own.

What did you miss the most the last time you moved?


New is Exciting

New York is exploring and exciting and fun.

New York is harder because everything is work.

New York is being a tourist in our new city. (Stuff to Do in Buffalo, NY)

New York is every single little thing is to be figured out. Where to find the Walgreens. Where they keep mustard in this Walmart.

New York is an odd mix of fun summer vacation and stark reality.

New York is why are there 2 insurance cards instead of one? No one really knows. “That’s New York for you. Nothing is simple with the system.” (Everyone says that about their state, by the way. Systems are never simple.)

New York is where should I put these socks?

New York is I won’t be in this apartment very long so should I even unpack?

New York is Tim Horton’s. I really like those. (www.timhortons.com)

New York is house shopping.

New York is a new church that every day feels more like home. One thing to count on — God puts great people in every church.

New York is paperwork.

New York is, “It’s in the POD.” We use this phrase at least 10 times per day. Do we have a whole blessed mansion packed into those 3 PODS?

New York is driving around and I find it hard to believe this will be home and familiar someday. I’m not opposed to the idea, it’s just…new.

New York is WATER. There is water everywhere! It’s breath-taking and gorgeous, and nothing like the high desert of Colorado.

Kiersten and Zack fishing in North Tonawanda, NY

Kiersten and Zack fishing.

New York is we have to make sure water is not in the basement of the house we buy.

New York is weird streets. They are zig-zaggy, jig-jaggy and loopy in ways I am sure should not be legal.

New York is amazing doughnuts and really good ice cream.

New York is finding a new gym — stat.

New York is I’m not ready to get a new driver’s license yet. I feel the need to keep my Colorado one.

New York is familiar in a Midwest, hometown, sort-of small-town kind of way.

New York is I miss my other kids who are back in Colorado. The kids miss their cats.

New York is no strings attached yet – nice. We get to chose what we want to be involved in, what we want to start and not start.

New York is we get to figure out who we want to be.

When you’ve moved, what were the first days like for you?Reflections on the First Few Days in a New City|The Holy Mess