For those of us who follow the Weight Watchers SmartPoints system, we know finding foods that are low in points and high in Yum factor makes sticking with the program easier for the long haul. Weight Watchers calculates the SmartPoints system so that counting points is basically like counting calories, but it also factors in protein, sugar and other nutritional values so that foods that are healthier are lower in points. Here are the Weight Watchers Food Finds I’m enjoying since I started with the system.

Weight Watchers Food Finds


Enough cannot be said about eating clean, whole foods and the Weight Watchers system supports these efforts.

Fruit is zero points so it is a go-to snack. The one exception to this rule is pureed fruit, like in a smoothie or banana “ice cream” since the body consumes this differently and these points need to be counted.

I eat apples and bananas every day. Berries are wonderful plain or with other foods.

Frozen berries, peaches, and mango are great to keep on hand for smoothies and also to thaw and have with cottage cheese or oatmeal, especially when these fruits aren’t in peak season.Weight Watchers Food Finds|The Holy Mess

Vegetables are free foods (except starches like corn and potatoes) so this is one area to really enjoy and be creative. When I’m hungry and low on points, I love to make a huge stir-fry.

Spaghetti squash makes a great substitute for pasta. I like to top it with salsa and a slice of light cheese for a filling 1 point snack or light lunch.Spaghetti squash

Free veggie soup is a great filler when I’m hungry but don’t have many points left for the day. Here are three recipes I’ve tried so far:

Weight Watchers Zero Point Vegetable Soup – 0 pts

Weight Watchers Asian Mushroom Soup – 0 pts

Weight Watchers Moroccan Butternut Squash Bisque 0 pts


Veggie Spiralizer Noodles

A vegetable spiralizer will turn zucchini, cucumbers, beets or squash into noodle shapes that you can eat instead of pasta.


Weight Watchers Food Finds Protein and Main Dishes

Hard Boiled Eggs are a filling protein-rich snack for 2 points each.


Shirataki noodles are an interesting food find. Made from the konjac root, these are a bit jello-like and have a bit of an unusual smell. They are much better when you rinse them really, really well first and then boil them. Use them as a noodle replacement.

I love these Trader Joe’s light cheese slices. They are thick slices and taste just like regular cheese. Also good are Sargento’s Light String cheese. (1 pt each)


One cup of plain Greek yogurt  (3 points) + 1 packet diet hot chocolate mix (1 point) = wonderful chocolate yogurt. Even better if you let it sit in the fridge awhile. Top with banana slices (0 points) or you can also mix in the next product, PB2.


PB2 or powdered peanut butter is peanut butter where most of the fat has been removed. It can be used as-is to mix into oatmeal or a smoothie, or you can mix it with water for more of a peanut-butter like texture. It does have a little bit of added sugar, just FYI. Bell Plantation is the most popular brand but there are several brands now available. Our Sam’s carries a similar item. Keep it in the freezer for a longer shelf-life.

Tuna is an awesome low-points choice. A whole can of tuna is typically 1-2 points. Check out these 5 Tuna Recipes with Weight Watchers points.


Al Fresco Chicken Sausage and Meatballs   – I found meatballs at my Sam’s club that are 1 point each and they are quick to prepare for a lunch. I haven’t tried the sausage yet but they look great.


Morningstar Farm vegan and vegetarian foods has some wonderful low-points options, like the Spicy Black Bean burger, but my very favorite is is the Morning Star Farm Buffalo Patty.

Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo is a wonderful sausage breakfast alternative if you like spicy, 4 points per serving. I eat it with a skillet of chopped veggies and sometimes an egg or avocado.

Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo

Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo with tomato, mushroom and asparagus for breakfast


Trader Joe’s Potstickers are so good and available in the frozen section. I apologize to my friends who don’t live by a Trader Joe’s,  because I keep mentioning it. It’s awesome. These potstickers are about 1 point each (1 point each for the chicken ones, a little more for the pork ones). I usually have 5-7 for lunch or dinner with free or 1 point frozen veggie stir fry, cooked with beef broth, soy sauce, and hot sauce. It’s so satisfying and good!


Weight Watchers Food Finds Snacks and Side Dishes

Jolly green giant veggie tots (9 pieces = 5 points) – Cauliflower or Broccoli. Amazon carries the Peas of Mind brand version.

I’ve heard people say these tots are awesome in an Air Fryer and that an Air Fryer is a wonderful item for a Weight Watcher to purchase. I have been considering it but don’t have one. If you have one, please comment and let us know which one you have and if you really love it. If I can have baked chicken that honestly tastes like fried chicken for low points, I’m so there!

Cauliflower Rice, in either the fresh or frozen section is a wonder alternative to brown rice. It’s zero points. You can make your own to save money, but buying it certainly saves hassle. Click here for a recipe for Cauliflower Rice.

Cauliflower Rice|The Holy Mess


Light bread and sandwich buns are an important find when you are using the Weight Watchers system and not always the easiest to come by, I am learning. Sandwich thins are one option, but at 3 points each, light bread is a better alternative, such as Sara Lee Delightful Multigrain bread and buns.


Flat out bread is a popular option among Weight Watchers. They can be used as sandwich wraps or for pizza crusts. To be honest I find the texture a little chalky for my tastes, but they are a low-point bread alternative.

Premier protein Shakes are super popular right now among Weight Watchers. With several flavor options, 160 calories and 30 grams of protein, these are just 2 points!

Premier Protein Ideas

  • Drink plain for a breakfast or snack
  • Mix the vanilla or caramel with iced coffee for a breakfast latte that’s similar to Starbucks but so much lower in points
  • Mix with sugar free pudding mix (1 point per serving) for a high-protein pudding
  • Put in the freezer until it’s slushy and drink, or blend with ice
  • Blend Chocolate Premier Protein, ice, and PB2 for chocolate peanut butter flavor slushie (3 pts)
  • Mix into a smoothie*** Be careful with this one. I’ve read in some Facebook message groups people talking about 2 point smoothies with Premier Protein as the base and added fruit, but this isn’t correct. When you blend fruit you have to then count the points, and a fruit smoothie is often 7-9 points! I was making this mistake before a Weight Watchers leader corrected my error.

Other Notes about Premier Protein

  • Premier Protein is much cheaper at Sams and Costco (although still pricey).
  • You can buy the Premier Protein powder and mix with water which is also cheaper (and more eco friendly). Other protein powder mixes will also give you similar points when mixed with water, such as EAS Lean (and the vanilla is especially good of this brand).
  • Use caution with the Premier protein bars, which are 8-9 points each, unless you are truly planning to eat 1 bar as a meal replacement.

Quest bars – Quest brings us some of the lower-points bars at 4 points each. I just tried the Cookie Dough bar for the first time and it was good! Bars aren’t a replacement for real food, but sometimes you need a quick something to carry you over, and these are great to have on hand. If a bar and an apple will carry me through to the next meal without swinging through the drive through, that’s progress. Check your Sam’s or Costco because these are super-pricey at the grocery store.

Anchor Bar Buffalo Sauce – This really isn’t a low calorie food per se, but I use this on everything and it’s just so flavorful that everything tastes better! It comes in a variety of flavors. If you like spicy, this should be in your fridge door. Medium is my go-to but I also like Suicide because it has a totally different type of flavor.


Weight Watchers Food Finds Desserts

Halo Top ice cream is simply…wonderful. If you are like me and absolutely love ice cream and must have it, you will enjoy this high protein, low calorie creation. It’s expensive and not always easy to find, but it’s worth the hunt. Let it soften on the counter for a bit before eating. The texture is not quite as creamy as regular ice cream, but for these points? Most flavors are 2 points per serving and some are 3, and there are 4 servings in a pint. The cost of a pint keeps me from doing more damage than the calories.

Halo Top Ice Cream|The Holy Mess

Halo Top Ice Cream

Arctic Zero is a similar product to Halo Top ice cream but not as well liked by many people. I personally used to eat it often when I was doing Weight Watchers the last time and I enjoyed it. I like Halo Top better when I can find it, and the price is similar, but I would enjoy Artic Zero if I couldn’t find Halo Top. It’s more like an ice cream treat (like a fudgecicle) than ice cream.

If you do Weight Watchers, please tell us about what foods you eat and enjoy. Share in the comments below!

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