What can I eat with Weight Watchers Smartpoints? That was the first thing I was curious about when I joined the program. Yes, I know the answer is technically “anything”. This is wonderful! But it’s also a bit overwhelming. When I get started with any new program, I find it helpful to have some sort of guide or examples to give me a frame of reference.What Can I Eat with Weight Watchers Smart Points|The Holy Mess

When you start the Weight Watchers program, you will be given a daily SmartPoints allotment based on your age, sex, current weight, and other factors. My current daily points are 30.

While it’s technically true that you can use your points for anything, you will quickly find many foods are a better points “bargain”  because they are filling and will keep you satisfied for hours.

Eating 3 T of peanut butter while standing at the kitchen counter will use up your points very fast and leave you scrambling to find low points foods the rest of the day. Not that I would know anything about this. *cough-see day 2-cough*

Tips for Using Weight Watchers SmartPoints

  1. Enjoy those unlimited fruits and vegetables! Fill out meals with lots of produce and use it for snacks.
  2. Lean protein is low in points. Food examples: lean ground beef, pork chops, chicken breasts, low fat cottage cheese, plain fat free greek yogurt, light string cheese or cheese slices (fat free dairy counts too but I can’t go there).
  3. Sugar is high in points, including white flour and highly processed foods.
  4. Foods high in saturated fat are also high in points.

Here are 3 sample days of what I ate in the last week using the Weight Watchers SmartPoints system. I get 30 SmartPoints per day, so I didn’t dip into any of my FlexPoints or FitPoints on these days, although I do sometimes.

Click here to read about why I went back to the Weight Watchers program, and read here about what I learned during the first week of using the Weight Watchers system. Read my 100 pound weight loss story here.

I share these daily food logs with you not because I’m perfect at healthy eating.

I share because we are walking this road to fitness and healthy living together.

Weight Watchers Sample Day 1



Coffee with Chocolate Premier Protein for creamer – 2

Cottage Cheese, 1/2 cup – 2

1 cup frozen Mango chunks, thawed


Panera Thai Garden Chicken Wonton Bowl – 8

Panera Sprouted Whole Grain Roll – 5


1 T Peanut Butter – 3

apple – 0


1 serving turkey pepperoni – 2

1 oz feta cheese, crumbled over grilled lemon Italian zucchini slices – 3

1 large bowl free veggie soup – 0


banana – 0

1 cup plain greek yogurt with 1 packet diet hot chocolate mix – 4

Total points used – 29


Weight Watchers Sample Day 2

Asparagus, Onions, Tomato – 0

Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo – 4

(Alternative – Morningstar Farm Sausage )


Almonds – 15 grams – 2

Banana – 0

Cottage cheese, low fat, 1/2 cup – 2


Buffalo Chickn Ranch Salad (this was so good!)

Avocado, 1/8 item – 1

Trader Joe’s light cheddar cheese slice -1

(If you don’t have Trader Joe’s check out Sargento’s Light String Cheese.)

Light ranch dressing – 3

MorningStar Farm Buffalo Chickn Patty, Sliced -5

Salad greens, cucumber, tomato, shredded carrot -0


2.5 T Peanut Butter – 8 (This wasn’t the best choice but I’m keeping it real here. Think what I would have eaten pre-WW! A couple T is not that much, people.)

Halo Top Ice Cream, Chocolate Flavor – 1 cup, 4 pts

(If you can’t find Halo Top Ice Cream near you, check out Artic Zero which is available from here from Amazon.)

Points for day – 30

Halo Top Ice Cream|The Holy Mess

Halo Top Ice Cream. My daughter and I were SO excited when we found all these flavors at our local Wegmans. If only it were cheaper. That does keep me in check from eating it too often.

Weight Watchers Sample Day 3


1/2 potato, chopped and cooked in skillet with cooking spray – 2

avocado, 1/8 item – 1

egg – 2

mushroom, onion -0


2 T raspberry jam – 5

1 cup plain greek yogurt – 3


1 tsp olive oil – 1

broccoli – 0

1 medium baked potato, chopped and pan roasted – 5

Pork chop, cooked, lean, 4 oz – 4


Spaghetti squash -0


Trader Joe’s cheddar cheese slice -1

Weight Watchers mini cheesecake – 4, This isn’t the exact recipe but it was similar to this one.

Total for day – 29

Do you follow the Weight Watchers Smartpoints System? What foods do you eat in a typical day?

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