It’s been one year since we moved from Colorado to New York. Where has life taken us and how are we adjusting? Here is how we are doing one year later after moving across the country.

Moving: One Year Later

What Has Changed

One year ago, 5 of us were living in a 650 square foot apartment while diligently searching for a new home. (Click here for tips I learned for living in a small space.)

A few months earlier, we said goodbye to the house in Colorado, the only home our children remembered, and goodbye to the congregation where my husband had served as pastor for the last 16 years.

The temporary apartment ended up being less temporary than we expected when we didn’t find a house right away.

One of the toughest aspects of this move was that our two young adult daughters opted to stay in Colorado to finish their education, which meant living separately.

Our high school son made the change from attending public school to attending a private all-boys Jesuit high school. Perhaps the biggest adjustment was the dress code. He did get really fast at tying a tie, though. (Click here to read the story about how we were late for his first day of high school.)

Josiah Jesuit school dress code

Josiah’s dress code for high school.

The younger boys adjusted to new schools and we set about the long process of finding new services to accommodate their special needs.

Mike started ministry at our new church where he has been loving accepted as the new pastor, but the differences between our church here in New York and our church in Colorado are vast.


What Has Stayed the Same

I read the advice that when you are going through a big move, it’s helpful to write down what does NOT change to give yourself clarity and assurance.

Here is what has not changed:

  • God is in control. God has a plan for our lives and He lovingly continues to guide us.
  • God’s graciously provides. God’s provision might not look the same as what we’ve been used to in the past, but He cares for us each day.

    St John Lutheran Church Wheatfield, NY

    St John Lutheran Church, Easter, 2017.

  • Our family takes care of one another. We’ve found ways to continue to stay connected as a family, with Face time, texting, and phone calls. We’ve adjusted together and separately to our new normal.

    Borgstede family

    Borgstede family, all together for New Year’s, 2016/2017.

  • I keep up my healthy habits. I am able to make healthy choices here that support my 100 pound weight loss. My schedule and options are different but no less possible. I started back to Weight Watchers and keep up with Faithful Finish Lines, my online fitness and healthy eating program for women.

    Biking, Tonawanda, Western New York

    Now I bike by the water instead of up in the mountains.


Where We Are Today

We found a beautiful home that we absolutely love and moved in December. (Buffalo in December is not ideal for moving, but we were so excited to get into our house that we made it work.) Click here to see pictures of our new (old) house. Being in a new home has made a world of difference for creating a space that feels like home.We bought a new old house|The Holy Mess

Cats and moving

Lessons learned: cats do not like to move, but they will survive.

Big shovel for Buffalo, new York

Moving lessons: When you move to Buffalo, buy a big ol’ shovel. Or a snow blower. Or both.

One of our daughters finished culinary school and will be moving to New York soon. Our other daughter graduated from high school, spent some time with us in New York, and is now away to college.

Our boys will start another school year soon.

Today, does New York feel like home?

I was advised that it takes 2-3 years before a new location feels like home, and I have found that to be accurate.

At one year, I feel comfortable here but it doesn’t feel like home yet either.

I can find my way around (although I still am phenomenally thankful for Google Maps).

I have a set routine.

Each day brings me a little closer to this becoming a new normal, but we still feel like the new kids on the block. Most people who live in this area grew up and have extended family here, so we are outside of typical.

The services for our kids with special needs are much better than what we experienced previously. One of our sons is now living in a residential treatment facility, a move that had been needed for some time and probably wouldn’t have been as readily accessible in Colorado.

Our other son with special needs is receiving excellent services, although the intake process to receive them took 12 long months.

Zack at Special Olympics

Zack earned ribbons at the Special Olympics

I started a new part-time job as a family advocate, working with families who are in crisis.

Josiah Black belt

Josiah earned his black belt.

Josiah Tae Kwon Do

Josiah started his Tae Kwon Do training in Colorado when he was 6 years old.

Josiah’s black belt testing.

Back yard in New York.

We discovered our back yard grows raspberries…and copious amounts of poison ivy.

Western New York Broadway Market, Dingus Day

We’ve learned about the culture in Western New York, like Broadway Market, Butter Lambs, and Dingus Day.

Western New York

We miss the Colorado mountains, but we’ve found beauty here too, like hiking at Letchworth State Park.

One year later, and we see God’s hand continue to guide.

I wonder what the next year will hold.

Have you moved to a new city? How was the adjustment for you and your family?


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