It’s time to get organized for a new year and fresh start. Use The Holy Mess Grocery List and Meal Planner Printable to plan healthy meals for yourself and your family.The Holy Mess Grocery List and Printable Meal Planner

I’m a big fan of meal planning for several reasons. One, there’s no question meal planning saves money and reduces stress. On the weekends, I write a list of our meals for the upcoming week and then write out my grocery list accordingly. That way I can stick to my grocery budget.

You can take this one step further and do a batch of freezer meals. To freezer cook, you will plan out meals for two-four weeks and then take a day to make them all at once and put them in the freezer, ready to go. My favorite resource for freezer cooking is Once a Month Meals. They do all the prep for you. All you have to do is choose the meals and then put together a printable shopping list, plan for prep, and plan for cooking day.

Another tool that has changed the way I cook recently is the Instant Pot. This safe, easy-to-use pressure cooker makes cooking faster and easy. I especially love the Instant Pot paired with freezer cooking because meals can be made right from frozen.

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Even though I freezer cook for our dinners, I’ve found that it’s still important to create a weekly grocery list for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and any items the kids need.

As someone who has lost 100 lbs, I can tell you that meal planning is essential to maintaining my weight loss. Healthy eating is not easy, friend! It requires work and advanced planning. But it’s so very worth it. I feel so good knowing I have fresh, whole foods available for breakfasts and lunches, plus a plan for a healthy dinner.

Lately I’ve been using Walmart Online ordering and grocery pick up. It’s great especially on big cooking days, because I type in my whole list and then all I have to do is go pick it up. Our orders are always correct and I’ve been impressed with how good the customer service is with this type of system. The other company I’ve started using recently is E-bates, which gives cash back rebates for tons of stores. I use this now with any online shopping I do (including Amazon and Walmart).
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


The Holy Mess Grocery List and Meal Planner Printable

Use this planner to get your family’s eating organized for the upcoming week.

The Holy Mess Printable Meal Planner

The Holy Mess Printable Grocery List

The Holy Mess Grocery List and Meal Planner Printable

Use The Holy Mess Grocery List and Meal Planner Printable to organize all your meals, snacks, and shopping for one week.

I am currently offering this printable for FREE – enjoy!



How do you organize your meal planning?


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The Holy Mess Grocery List and Meal Planner Printable