I feel so defeated.

Opening an email from a friend earlier this week, these words stood out. The ongoing struggles in her marriage left her weary and fearful. On the brink of a divorce she does not want, rejection looms large.

Loneliness within marriage is a heavy ache that doesn’t lift.

Everywhere she looks she sees happy, smiling couples. “Everyone else makes their marriage work, why can’t I?” she asks herself.

My friend questions her every conversation and action with her husband. Nothing seems to bring lasting change.

When describing her marriage over the last year, she writes, “I feel so defeated.”

Where Victory is Desperately Needed

Can you relate to my friend?

I can. While marriage is not my current struggle, I have others. Disordered eating left me 100 pounds heavier than was healthy. My children’s behavior issues threatened to overtake our family.

Is there an area of your life where you need victory?

Here are situations where victory is desperately needed:

  • Damaged relationships with children, spouse, or loved ones
  • Food addiction and overeating
  • Stressful work situations that never let up
  • Financial worry
  • Drug, alcohol, or pornography use
  • Depression and other mental health issues
  • Life that seems to lack purpose

Where in your life do you need victory through Christ as your Savior?

Christ died on the cross to take away the punishment of your sins, and God brings lasting victory from painful life situations.

God brings healing when we call to Him in prayer, and He continues to work miracles in this world.

This doesn’t always mean the painful situation will go away, but it does mean God brings freedom and peace.


30 Day Victory in Christ Bible Reading Plan

I’ve created a 30 day Victory in Christ Bible reading plan, and for the first time I’m offering a month-long program where readers of The Holy Mess read through the Bible passages together for 30 days.

30 Day Victory in Christ Bible Reading Plan

Starting August 1, 2017, will you commit to this 30 day Bible reading plan with me?

I’ll post about topics from the readings on The Holy Mess Facebook page and in The Holy Mess Bible Journaling group.

(If you are reading this post after August, feel free to download and read this 30 day program anytime.)

This Bible reading plan is free. Simply fill in your email below and I’ll send it to you immediately.

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30 Day Victory in Christ Bible Reading Plan

Where should we send your free 30 Day Victory in Christ Bible Reading plan? (Note: If you are ordering the printable stickers, this reading plan comes packaged with the stickers so you don’t need to download it separately.)

30 Day Victory in Christ Bible Reading Plan

Victory in Christ Printable Stickers

Victory in Christ Printable Stickers

Victory in Christ Stickers and Bible Reading Plan

Victory in Christ Printable Stickers

One page of printable stickers. Print on standard address labels or full-sheet label paper.

Note: This is a digital product. No items will be mailed to you.


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