Happy New Year, my sweet friend. Is the New Year motivating you to resolutions and plans to create a new “YOU”? Give thought to creating your new you by the power of your new life in Christ. This New Life in Christ 30 Day Bible Reading plan will walk you through diving deeper into God’s Word in order to make lasting life change.

New Life in Christ 30 Day Bible Reading Plan

Do you find yourself struggling with who you really are are, wondering if you are enough, or who Christ created you to be? Seek guidance in the Lord’s Biblical truths this New Year. Through this 30 day study, the scripture verses will reveal exactly who God made you to be. God longs for you to know who you are in Christ so that you can live your life as God intended.

Are you gearing up to make a significant change, such as organizing your home, weight loss, a financial budget, or other new endeavors? The way to lasting, meaningful change is through staying grounded in God’s Word. This reading plan is a perfect accompaniment to any of your plans.

Several times in my life I’ve made a significant change, the biggest being my 100 pound weight loss. (Read my 100 pound weight loss story here.) I never could have found success without the power of God’s Word.

My prayer is that every verse will be a reminder of who you are in Christ because you are uniquely and wonderfully made by Him.


New Life in Christ 30 Day Bible Reading Plan

Use this Bible reading plan to focus on your new life in Christ.




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New Life in Christ 30 Day Bible Reading Plan