You’ve mastered the basics of Instant Pot cooking. You realize the benefits of owning this helpful kitchen tool. You might be wondering what extras would make cooking with your Instant Pot extra helpful and convenient. While the following 9 items are certainly not required, if you cook with your Instant Pot often (several times a week like I do), you will find they make cooking with your pot safer, clean up easier, and the whole process much more enjoyable. These are the 9 Handy Products You will Want for Your Instant Pot.9 Handy Products You Will Want for Your Instapot|The Holy Mess

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9 Handy Products You Will Want for Your Instant Pot

    1. Glass Lid

One of the first items most people invest in is a glass lid that fits on top of the Instant Pot inner pot. This is for when you are sauteing items and want to prevent splattering, such as stew beef. I also use mine when I’m serving dinner and want to keep food warm.

2. Silicone Cover

These Silicone covers create an air-tight seal (unlike the glass lid) and can be used to store food in the pot in the refrigerator either before or after cooking. I like to prep my meals in advance, and keep them in the fridge until dinnertime, and this cover is great for that.

I have read some reviews that say these don’t fit on the Instant Pot well, but running it under hot water when it first arrives can help with that problem. It fits tightly, especially at first, to seal properly.

3. Gloves or Tongs

The Instapot inner pot sits down a bit inside your instant pot. If you need to lift it out while it’s still hot, or you need to lift something out of your Instapot (think a pan or hard boiled eggs), you will need a way to reach inside. These gloves or tongs offer two options.

4. Extra Sealing Rings

Be sure to remove your Instant Pot lid sealing rings and wash them in warm soapy water after you use your Instant Pot. These rings do break down over time, so you’ll eventually want to replace them, and you might notice that they absorb odor when you cook certain foods. I like these rings that come in a variety of colors. Consider using one colored ring for savory foods and a different one for sweet foods.

5. Steamer Basket

There are quite a few steamer baskets available on Amazon, and most will do the trick just fine. Be sure to get one that fits into your size of Instant Pot. I like this one because it has a long handle.

6. Springform Pan

If you’ve joined any type of Instant Pot Facebook community or read many Instant Pot recipe suggestions, you’ve discovered that not-so-secret fact that you can make cheesecake and other goodies in your Instant Pot. In order to do this you need a Springform pan, or a similar pan where the bottom can be removed.

Here is another:

Fat Daddio’s Cheesecake Pan

7. Immersion Blender

Soup making will never be the same once you have an immersion blender. It’s cordless and look at all the different colors it comes in! Make a thick soup by blending right in your instant pot with this immersion blender. Potato soup and vegetable bean soups and chowders are several recipes that come to mind when using this device.

8. Extra insert

I wasn’t insta-cooking long before I wished I had an extra insert for my Instapot. Make several recipes in advance and stash them in the fridge, then quickly prepare dinner or a couple freezer meals by pulling the inserts out and putting them into your instant pot and you are ready to go when you need them.

9. Another Instant Pot!

Is it over the top to need 2 Instant Pots? I currently own a 6 Quart Instant Pot. There is also an 8 Quart Instant Pot available. Besides the extra cooking space that an 8 Quart device would allow me, there is the convenience factor of owning 2 machines. There have been times I wished I had 1 to make a main dish (meat) and a second for a dish dish (rice or potatoes). I also do once a month freezer cooking or sometimes a Saturday or Sunday big batch cooking for the week ahead, and to be able to have 2 pots going at once for these days would be awesome.

For our family’s house-warming party earlier this year, I made pulled pork sandwiches and made all the meat in advance in several batches in my Instant Pot and froze it. Then the day of the party I served it with the “slow cook” function. Two instant pot would have made this go faster.

What accessories do you use for your Instant Pot? If there are any favorites I haven’t listed, please tell us about it in the comments below.

9 Handy Products You Will Want for Your Instapot|The Holy Mess

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