You’ve purchased an Instapot and you’re wondering what are the most basic, easy recipes to get started. An Instapot is a wonderful investment and an amazing kitchen tool, but there is a bit of a learning curve to using it. Here are 7 very easy recipes to use with your Instapot that will also help you get used to the various features.Instapot: 7 Very Easy Recipes to Get Started|The Holy Mess

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Instapot: 7 Very Easy Recipes to Get Started

How to Cook Frozen Ground Beef in the Instapot – If you are like me and often forget to thaw meat, you will LOVE having an instapot which can cook meat from frozen. Hallelujah, cue the choir!

Ground Beef in the Instapot|The Holy Mess

Instapot Crack Chicken – This is not the most healthy meal I’ve made, but it’s just so super yummy and very easy to make. It’s a great starter meal and the first meal I made in the Instapot after trying out making ground beef.


Instapot Pot Roast – a tender, fall apart piece of meat


Instapot Beef Bone Broth + Instapot Turkey or Chicken Bone Broth – Wonderful, healthy bone broths that are great for the Paleo lifestyle or for the base of many soups and stews.

Beef Bone Broth is healthy and delicious.

Instapot Chicken Legs – Herbed bone-in chicken legs that cook quickly in the pressure cooker

Instapot Chicken Thighs|The Holy Mess

Instapot Quick Chili – A quick weeknight chili with canned beans


Instapot French Dip – A hearty recipe my family absolutely loves! I’ve made it many times.

French Dip|The Holy Mess

What recipes do you love making in your Instapot Pressure Cooker?

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Instapot: 7 Very Easy Recipes to Get Started|The Holy Mess



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