Here is a helpful list of Christian weight loss podcasts for women who desire to keep God at the center of their weight loss journey. If your goal is to approach food and weight issues from a Biblical perspective, each podcast listed below will help.

Christian Women's Podcasts for Weight Loss
Sara Borgstede Before after 100 pound weight loss
Before and After 100+ pound weight loss – Sara Borgstede

Weight Loss with Christ

As someone who is maintaining a 100 pound weight loss, I know that motivation led by God is different from other ways of dropping pounds.

With Christian Weight Loss, you rely on God’s strength rather than your own.

Click here to read more about weight loss from a Christian perspective, and here is a helpful list of Bible verses for your weight loss journey.

5 Christian Weight Loss Podcasts to Inspire You

Each of these podcasts will bring you Scriptural wisdom for how to lose weight by the power of the Holy Spirit at work in your life.

Taste for Truth

Taste for Truth podcast by Barbara Raveling is a top podcast for faith-based weight loss. Barbara has been creating helpful podcast episodes about Biblical weight loss since 2017. I was fortunate to be a guest on her podcast sharing about my 100 pound weight loss and our Faithful Finish Lines program.

Barbara also has a helpful free app called I Deserve a Donut.

Sweet Grace for Your Journey

Teresa Shields Parker of Sweet Grace for Your Journey has lost an incredible 250 pounds and now teaches other women how to overcome their weight challenges with God’s grace.

Teresa recommends an approach that is similar to a 12 step weight loss program, with her personal experience of giving up flour and sugar.

Teresa has written a number of weight loss books with the latest being about breaking strongholds in order to heal food addiction.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last couple months walking and listening to Teresa’s helpful podcast episodes.

Compared to Who?

Heather Creekmore writes about body image issues in her book Compared to Who? and on her website with the same name. Last year she released the Compared to Who? podcast that is for every women who struggles with body image.

While not specifically about weight loss, this podcast will resonate with women who have challenges in this area. (I think I can safely say that’s most of us!)

I was honored to be a guest on Heather’s podcast, sharing about my weight loss story here.

Shakin’ the Salt

On Shakin’ the Salt podcast, television and radio host Dr. Debra Peppers shares how she overcame her struggles of being 100 pounds overweight, depressed, and even suicidal. Read more about her Salt and Light Ministry here.

This podcast is newer to me and I’ve enjoying catching up on episodes. As a former teacher, Dr. Peppers instructs with much humor and wisdom. I can’t wait to listen to more.

From Willingness to Wellness

From Willingness to Wellness is a podcast by Debbi Robertson, Christian Life Coach. This is another podcast that is newer to me, but I’ve loved how Debbi shares real examples from her personal life as she explains truth from Scripture.

I’m also looking forward to trying some of her nutrition and wellness recipes found here.

{Bonus} Best Weight Loss Podcasts for Women

The following podcasts are general weight loss podcasts and not specially Christian. Because I have found them so helpful in my personal journey, I wanted to include them for your reference.

Half-Size Me by Heather Robinson is one of my my favorite podcast for weight loss motivation. Heather has lost an amazing 170 pounds and is now a weight loss coach. Heather teaches a practical, realistic approach to losing and keeping the weight off. She includes topics like taking a maintenance break and how to figure out your maintenance calories which I especially enjoy.

Healthy Parents Equals Healthy Families – Also by Heather Robinson, this podcast is specific to the concern of helping children who are overweight or helping anyone who wants to lead their families in healthy eating. I’m often asked how to help a loved one who is overweight and this is the podcast I recommend.

Brain Over Binge by Katherine Hansen – If you struggle with binge eating (as I once did), this podcast is for you. I also recommend Katherine’s book Brain Over Binge.

Talking Body by Amy Porterfield – This is a new, limited-release podcast about body image. As of the time of writing this post, only a few episodes have been released and I have enjoyed the insightful conversations.

Pound This by Amanda Valentine – This podcast is a bit more “keeping it real” and might be offensive to some, but I absolutely love Amanda’s real, honest perspective on the realites of maintaining a large weight loss in the middle of life’s challenges.

May these helpful weight loss podcasts inspire, motivation, and encourage you on your journey to wellness and healing.

Do you have a favorite podcast about losing weight? I’d love to hear about it. Share in the comments below.

Christian Weight Loss Program

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