Confession is when we admit to God our sins and ask for His forgiveness. Absolution is forgiveness, often with the proclamation of forgiveness spoken out loud. Do you need confession and absolution? Yes! Do not underestimate the importance of true repentance in the life of a Christian.

Do You Need Confession and Absolution?

What is Sin?

Sin is the wrong things we do that keep us apart from our Holy God, but sin goes much deeper and is more complicated, too.

Sin includes the good things we should do but do not.

Sin includes our selfish rationalizations, our motives, and putting on a front to make ourselves appear better than we really are. If we are honest with ourselves, most of what we do is self-serving.

Most sin is rooted in idolatry. When we want something, we are driven by the desire to get what we want instead of seeking first the kingdom of God. (Getting to Know Jesus, P Schult, p.112)

Legalism vs. Lawlessness

Unrepentant sin typically takes root in one of two distortions of God’s Word: legalism or lawlessness.

Legalism is using God’s law to justify yourself based on good works.

Lawlessness is ignoring God’s law and justifying yourself based on your motives and intentions.

Consider any life issue, blessing, or situation, and you can ruin it by being legalistic or lawless. A legalistic person uses God’s word to create extra rules that are not Biblical. For example, saying, “Christians should never watch R rated movies” is legalistic. Yet many R-rated movies contain content that is sinful. Dismissing it as not a big deal is lawlessness.

As a Christian, living in a sinful world requires discernment. We need both knowledge and Godly wisdom.

Confession and Forgiveness

For Christians, repentance and forgiveness become a way of life. We continually repent for sins we have committed and rejoice in God’s forgiveness and grace.

Confession and forgiveness happen in different ways. We confess our sins directly to God and receive his forgiveness. We can confess to another person we have wronged and seek their forgiveness. In worship, we confess together and hear the pastor proclaim God’s forgiveness. Private confession of personal sins (such as done in the Catholic church) is not required but is certainly a helpful practice.

Getting to Know Jesus Online Bible Study

As we continue through our study of the book Getting to Know Jesus, we focus Confession and Absolution.

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Getting to Know Jesus: Using the Six Core Teachings of the Bible to Grow in a Deeper Relationship with JesusGetting to Know Jesus: Using the Six Core Teachings of the Bible to Grow in a Deeper Relationship with Jesus

How do confession and absolution affect your every day life?

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Do You Need Confession and Absolution?

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