We live in a world where illness is a real (and of scary) part of our lives. As of today, the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the United States, having already affected thousands of people in China, Italy, and other parts of the world, causing sickness, death, and great impact on millions more people’s livelihood and daily life. We wonder how a loving God can allow such things to happen and we worry about the future. Will we and our loved ones be safe? At times like these we turn to God for comfort and ask for his mercy. Here is a prayer for healing and protection during illness, especially at this time with the coronavirus creating such an impact.

Pandemic - a prayer of protection

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in 2020

According to the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Coronavirus is an outbreak of respiratory disease caused by a new virus that was first detected in China and which has now been detected in more than 100 locations internationally, including in the United States. The virus is abbreviated “COVID-19”. (Centers for Disease Control, Summary of Coronavirus.)

Reported illnesses have ranged from very mild to severe, including illness resulting in death. Older people and people with underlying health conditions — like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes — seem to be at higher risk of developing serious illness from Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Prayer for Protection

How Worried Should We Be About a Pandemic?

This leaves many of us wondering, how worried should I be about the coronavirus pandemic? Is this a panic caused by too much media hype and people rushing to stock up on hand sanitizer and toilet paper, or should there be more cause for concern?

First, don’t panic. The majority of people will not get sick, and of those who do get ill, 80% will have a minor sickness and recover fully. Second, if you are worried, chat with your doctor. Experts urge you to talk with your doctor about your risk and if there are special precautions you should take, such as avoiding crowds and large groups of people.

Be patient with me. I've never handled a pandemic before.

A Christian Response to Pandemic and Outbreak

As Christians, how should we respond to the cornoavirus outbreak? While we are concerned about our safety and that of our loved ones, our response should be practical, prayerful, and proclaim Christ’s peace.

  • Practical. Do what is necessary to protect yourself and loved ones, such as talking to your doctor and increasing prevention activities like washing your hands more often. Churches are urged to take extra precautions, as with any gathering of people. Take reasonable measures without panic.
  • Prayerful. We turn to God for healing and hope. God is ultimately in control of the situation. Use the prayers below or other prayers to come to God’s throne with your prayer requests. There’s no such thing as too much prayer in this or any situation in life.
  • Proclaim peace. Set an example to those around you. God gives us peace that passes all understanding. (Phillipians 4:7). During this time, we have an incredibly opportunity to share with the world that God is our true source of peace.

Covid 19 - A Prayer for Healing

A Prayer for Protection During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Lord, we admit that we are afraid. The spread of the Corona virus is happening rapidly and throughout the world. We don’t know what will happen next or how we will be impacted. We want to fiercely cling to control or somehow prepare more fully, yet we know that You are ultimately in control of our lives.

God, we praise you in the midst of this storm of life and worship You as King and ruler over all.

We pray for healing for those who are sick. Help them recover fully.

We pray for those who have lost loved ones into death. Bring comfort as only You can provide.

We pray for protection. We come to your throne of grace asking for you to stop the spread of this virus. We ask that our family, loved ones, and communities be protected and not become sick.

We pray for medical providers. Give them wisdom to know the best course of action to take.

We pray for those in roles of service. Give them strength to complete their tasks.

We pray for leaders, government officials, and those in authority that they would have the knowledge and desire to make decisions in the best interests of the people they serve.

We pray for those in the media, that they would give us the information we need without creating needless fear or panic.

Lord God, you are in control of all things and we place our lives into Your hands.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we pray,



A Prayer for Healing and Protection During Illness

God, you are the great Physician and the Ultimate Healer.

During this time of sickness, we come to you now boldly asking for healing. Bring the recovery that only You can provide. Jesus, just as you performed miracles of healing during your time on earth, we ask that you heal those who are afflicted. Bring wellness and wholeness to their bodies, mind, heart, and spirit.

We pray for those who care for the sick. Give doctors and treatment providers wisdom. We pray for patience and endurance for those caring for those who are ill or have ongoing health conditions.

We pray for those who are in pain. Provide relief because of your great mercy. Bring times of respite from pain and give them the ability to sleep.

God, give peace to all who are sick and their loved ones. Set us free from anxiety as we rest in You as the God of all comfort. Allow us to find peace in knowing ultimate healing will come, if not during this lifetime, then during eternal life with you.

Be merciful to us, Lord.


Free Coronavirus Prayer Printable PDF

Free Printable Coronavirus Prayer

Download this free printable pandemic prayer.

Click the button below to download a free printable version of the Coronavirus prayer for protection and healing.



Regardless of the fears or concerns we have during the coronavirus outbreak and all illness, we know that God is in control of our lives. We don’t have to respond with worry or panic because the God of the universe cares for us and is our great Healer. Use these prayers to ask for God’s help and blessing during this outbreak and all times of sickness.

How are you responding to the conoravirus? Share about it in the comments below.

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