If you want to lose weight by the power of God, here are powerful ways to pray for weight loss in specific areas of your life. Do you want to pray for your weight loss journey but you aren’t exactly sure what to pray? As someone who is maintaining a 100 pound weight loss and daily prays for God’s help, allow me to give you guidance. 30 Powerful Ways to Pray for Your Weight Loss Journey

How to Pray for Weight Loss

Does God care about your weight and weight loss journey? Yes!

God loves you deeply and wants to be involved in every aspect of your life. Be sure to click to this post on how to pray for weight loss where I covered 3 specific steps to take to pray for weight loss.


30 Specific Ways to Pray for Your Weight Loss Journey

Often, we tend to think of weight loss as a physical journey and forget the spiritual aspect. Praying for weight loss may be a new concept for you. You might not have considered all the ways you can turn to God for help during your weight loss process.

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7 Day Christian Weight Loss Prayer Challenge

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Here are 30 powerful ways to pray as you lose weight.

  1. Pray to manage food cravings.
  2. Pray to stop overeating at night.
  3. Pray to stop overeating on the weekends.
  4. Pray to stop overeating on vacation.
  5. Pray to stop overeating at holidays.
  6. Pray to stop each meal when you are satisfied but not stuffed.
  7. Pray to snack only when hungry.
  8. Pray to choose healthy snacks.
  9. Pray to have a reduced desire for junk food.
  10. Pray to not quit.
  11. Pray to be physical active during the day.
  12. Pray to find the motivation to exercise.
  13. Pray for your health and wellness.
  14. Pray for a strong body.
  15. Pray to enjoy treats in healthy portions.
  16. Pray to have gratitude for the food you have.
  17. Pray to turn to God for comfort instead of food.
  18. Pray to improve your attitude about healthy food and exercise.
  19. Pray to have a desire for real, whole, clean foods.
  20. Pray to make good choices at the grocery store.
  21. Pray to create time in your schedule to plan healthy meals.
  22. Pray to create time in your schedule to meal prep.
  23. Pray to create time in your schedule for physical activity.
  24. Pray to lovingly accept your body.
  25. Pray to grow in faith as you lose weight.
  26. Pray to trust God’s timing for your weight loss.
  27. Pray to avoid fast food.
  28. Pray to give up self-pity.
  29. Pray for wisdom to see healthy food options.
  30. Pray for God to use your weight loss journey for His glory.


How to Use the 30 Ways to Pray as You Lose Weight

How can you use this list of prayers for your weight loss? There’s no right or wrong way, but here are some helpful ideas.

  • Write a different way on your calendar for each day for a month.
  • Keep the list in your journal and pray for the ones that apply to you the most.
  • During a time of struggle (like when you are tempted to overeat or binge eat), pull out the list and use it to pray for God’s help.
  • If you are deciding which diet or weight loss plan to begin. Ask God for his guidance.
  • Commit to write a prayer in your journal for each way listed.
  • Keep the list in your planner, on your fridge, on your mirror or somewhere you will see it daily.


7 Days of Weight Loss Prayer Challenge

Join us for 7 days of weight loss prayers and get this list included as part of your prayer notebook.


By using this ways to pray for your weight loss process, you will use God’s power to lose weight. What has seemed impossible will become possible with God’s help and guidance.


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