Do you want to lose weight but you aren’t sure which diet plan to follow to get you to your goal? From Keto to DASH to Weight Watchers, many people struggle with knowing which program is right for them because there are so many choices available. Use this prayer for how to choose the best diet for you and receive God’s help and guidance for this important decision.

Praying for How to Choose the Best Diet

What’s the Right Diet for You?

In 2020, we have so many diet programs and options available to us.

  • Keto.
  • Trim Healthy Mama.
  • DASH.
  • Mediterranean diet.
  • Weight Watchers.
  • Jenny Craig.
  • And so many more.

Then there are options like choosing what is the best diet for your personality or what is the best diet for your body type or even blood type. With so many diet plans and programs to choose from, plus news reports, research studies, and watching what others do on social media, the diet choices can seem overwhelming.

Then, it seems like there are continually conflicting reports on what’s most healthy. Have you struggled with conflicting advice like this?

  • Diary is good for you. No wait, dairy is bad for you.
  • Carbs are good. Carbs are bad.
  • Eat low fat. Eat more fat.

How does you ever begin to sort through it all and figure out what is the best diet for you?


Stop the Diet Overwhelm

Before we get into a meaningful prayer for guidance in choosing the best healthy diet, plus some helpful questions to ask yourself, it’s important to stop the diet overwhelm.

As someone who is overweight, you might very well spend a lot of time gathering information about weight loss.

Face to Face Before and After 110 pound weight loss - Borgstede

Face to Face comparison of my 100+ pound weight loss. Many people say I look younger now that I’ve lost weight. I’m actually 15 years older in the photo on the right!

In fact, you might even call yourself an expert on all the weight loss strategies and tools that are out there. You might know the calories counts or points of hundreds of foods – information that naturally thin people have no clue about.

The trouble comes when you know all the right information but you aren’t applying it.

I work with many women who need to lose weight, both through this website and the online weight loss program I run called Faithful Finish Lines.

I see this knowledge issue happening again and again. I was the same way when I was 100 pounds heavier.

When I was at my heaviest weight of 250+ pounds, I knew all about how to lose weight. The trouble was, I wasn’t actually losing weight. I was gaining weight.

If you can relate to this, today is the day to pick a diet.

Stop thinking, stop considering, and stop the overwhelm.

Give yourself a deadline. Within the next 24 hours, you will choose the best diet plan for you and go for it. Instead of researching, start doing.

Clarity comes from action.


Questions to Consider to Help You Choose the Best Diet for Your Body Type and Personality

Always remember that weight loss happens when you eat fewer calories than you burn. That’s the only road to weight loss and it’s actually quite simple. Stop over-complicating this. If you aren’t sure how many calories check out this helpful calculator and this one to determine how much you should weigh.

A guide is helpful when considering what is the best weight loss plan for you. God made each of our bodies unique and we all come with a set of personality traits that responds better to one system vs. another.

These questions from Very Well Fit give a framework for choosing the best weight loss program for you.

  1. What is my budget? I personally like the Weight Watchers program and it’s what has given me the structure I needed to lose weight and keep it off. Our Faithful Finish Lines 2.0 Membership is amazing for women who want an online program that provides a step-by-step process with a Biblical perspective. These programs do cost money but are well worth the investment.
  2. Do I have health issues? If you are diabetic, have heart disease, or food allergies, one type of diet might not only work better, but be what’s most safe. Check with your doctor and get his or her advice when it comes to choosing the right diet plan for your specific situation.
  3. Does my schedule allow for meal preparation? I’m a huge fan of meal prep and do either freezer cooking to make a month’s meals at a time or a week’s worth on the weekends. While it’s sometimes a hassle, this is important time for me to make sure I stick to a healthy eating plan.
  4. Do I have social support? Study after study shows that people are more successful when they have people to help them reach their goals. If you don’t have in-person support, consider an online program or group, like our free Christian Weight Loss for Women Facebook group. This small research study even showed that women lost more weight with a diet program with a faith-based component.
  5. What diets have I tried in the past and did they work for me? Rather than looking at previous diets as failures, I prefer to think of it as insight about what programs are best for you. What methods work for you and why? What didn’t work? Use this as helpful information to make your diet decisions.


Why You Should Pray for God’s Help to Choose the Diet that’s Right for You

Pray and ask for God’s direction as you choose the best diet for you. After all, God is the one who created you. He knows you better than any person, diet quiz, or online suggestion. He fully understands your body and your mind.

James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” This is an amazing promise of the Bible. If you ask for wisdom, it will be given to you by God. What a tremendous blessing.


A Prayer to Choose the Best Diet for You

Choose this day whom you will serve…but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Joshua 24:15


Heavenly Father, I admit I am overwhelmed. There are many diets, meal plans, and options available. It’s easy to stay stuck in the overwhelm instead of choosing one path and moving forward. Please help me make decisions for my health and weight loss. Help me choose what is best for the unique body you created for me. Today, I commit to make a specific decision and move forward. In Your name I ask this, Amen.

Choosing the Best Diet for You

7 Days of Weight Loss Prayers Challenge

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Join the FREE 7 day Christian weight loss prayer challenge now. When you join, you’ll instantly receive this beautiful prayer journal, plus each day’s prayer comes right to your inbox.


Stop the diet overwhelm starting today. Give yourself a time line for when you will make a decision and stick to it because clarity comes from action.

Pray and ask God to guide you, then move forward with confidence as you use the best diet plan for you.


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A Prayer for How to Choose the Best Diet

A Prayer for Choosing the Best Diet for You



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