Weight Watchers is releasing a new program for 2019 and 2020. What is the new MyWW program and what are the Blue, Purple and Green plans? If you are a WW member, what does the new Weight Watchers program for 2020 mean for you? Whether you are a WW member but are curious about weight loss, keep reading for all the details.New MyWW Plan for 2019 and 2020

My WW – a New WW Plan for 2019 and 2020

Weight Watchers new program for 2020, MyWW officially releases on November 11, 2019 in the United States.

The new program is called My WW and members have the chance to choose between the Green, Blue, and Purple plans as part of the new program.

Is Weight Watchers Changing Plans for 2020?

Yes! Weight Watchers is rolling out a new plan called MyWW for 2020. Believe it or not, WW changes their plan regularly. In my experience, having been a WW member on and off for the last 20 years, we see a cycle where every November there are some type of changes. One year the changes keep the plan the same with just minor tweaks, and every 2-3 years we see a whole new plan.

Weight Watchers is continually monitoring how members’ weight loss is progressing, what new weight loss science tells us, (and I’m sure looking at their financials) and making adjustments.

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What is the New WW Plan? Green, Blue & Purple

Click here to get a free printable list of the MyWW GREEN 100 Zero Point Foods.


Click here to get a free printable list of the MyWW BLUE 200 Zero Point Foods.


Click here to get a free printable list of the MyWW PURPLE 300 Zero Point Foods.


First of all, if you currently follow the Weight Watchers Freestyle system, don’t panic! This program gives you the option of staying exactly the same with the new plan with a list of 200 zero point foods and your same daily points allowance.

Curiously, WW is going back to some previous plans and allowing members the choice of which plan to follow. If you follow Weight Watchers, you know that some people love the freedom of the Freestyle plan while others found they lost more weight with previous programs. Weight Watchers has actually listened to members and is reintroducing previous programs.

If you are currently a WW member, or if you join WW now, you will take a quick assessment to determine which plan is right for you. (And I recommend you do join WW! Use my referral link here to get a free month.)


New WW Blue Purple Green Plans 2020How Does the Weight Watchers GREEN Program work?

This program is the most strict of the 3 plans. If you need the most structure and accountability, this is the program for you. This is best for you if you struggle with overeating Zero point foods.

The GREEN plan does allow for a list of 100 zero point foods (think vegetables and fruits) but foods such as chicken and Greek yogurt will not be zero points.

However, with the Green Program option you will have the most daily points to spend as you wish.

This program has been compared to the previous Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale program.

If you choose the Green plan, remember that you can still enjoy zero point recipes like this WW Zero Point Vegetable soup.

Click here to get a complete list of the MyWW Green Zero Point Foods.

How Does MyWW BLUE program work?

The Weight Watchers Blue program is most similar to the Weight Watchers Freestyle program that is currently in use.

This is why if you like Freestyle, you don’t have to worry! You will receive a list of 200 zero point foods and a daily points allowance that is lower than the Green plan.

You can continue to enjoy zero point foods like Zero Point Chili (my personal favorite) and Zero Point Banana Souffles. Be sure to eat only until satisfied.

Click here to get a complete list of the MyWW 200 BLUE Zero Point Foods.

How Does My WW Purple Plan Work?

The My WW Purple plan allows for the most freedom and flexibility and is most similar to the previous Weight Watchers Core Plan or Weight Watchers Simply Filling plan.

Members who choose the WW Purple plan will have 300 zero point foods (wow!) that they can eat without tracking, but they will also have the lowest amount of daily points.

The zero point foods will include whole grains such as oatmeal and quinoa, so if you are carb lover, the Purple plan might be best for you.

While this plan gives the most freedom, it also requires that members are careful to not overeat the zero point foods.

Click here to get a complete list of the MyWW PURPLE 300 Zero Point Foods.

Which is the Best My WW Plan to Choose?

There’s no one new MyWW plan that is going to be best for everyone, and the fact that there are now 3 options to fit your busy life makes WW a great weight loss option for most people.

Try a plan and see how your weight loss progress goes. If you find you are stalling or losing weight too slowly, try a different plan.

Also, see which plan fits into your life and schedule. If you do a lot of home cooking of mostly whole foods, the Purple plan might work great for you. If you are doing great with Freestyle currently, stick with the Blue plan. If you find you don’t lose weight with so many zero point foods, consider the Green plan.

If you go out to eat a lot, I’m thinking the Green plan might be the best option since you’ll get the most daily points that don’t need to be a specific food.

Remember, too, that when you join WW they will give you an assessment to see which plan might be the best fit for you.

Which MyWW Plan is Best for You?

If you are still debating which MyWW is best for you, check out these recommendations and click here to read more about choosing which MyWW plan is best for you.


How to Choose the MyWW Program for YouWhich Weight Watchers Plan Will Help You Lose Weight the Fastest?

All the plans include the same basic principles of lasting weight loss, which is eating more calories than you burn, reducing processed foods, incorporating more whole foods, and filling up on plenty of fruits and vegetables.

The WW plan for the fastest weight loss it the one you will stick with and use.


What are the Pros and Cons of the New MyWW Plans?

Some of the pros of the new MyWW plan with Green, Purple, and Blue options is that members can choose the system that works best for them. Weight Watchers is learning from member feedback and tailoring the zero point foods to fit different people’s needs.

The cons of the new system are that it can be confusing, especially to new members. While WW will walk you through how to choose the plan that’s right for you, I can see where people might assume a food is zero points, only to discover that on their particular plan that food has points. That’s why it’s important to always track and pay attention to the plan you are using.


Can I switch WW plans?

Yes, you will be able to easily switch plans using your WW app. Weight Watchers recommends you try a plan for at least 2 weeks before switching, but it’s not required.


That’s a helpful summary of the new 2019/2020 Weight Watchers program. I’m excited to see what this new addition brings to the WW community and how people enjoy the plans.

Which plan do you think you’ll choose? Share about it in the comments below.

Here at The Holy Mess, we will get going right away with updating our WW posts and recipes to reflect the new Weight Watchers program changes. Thank you for your patience as we go about this process.

Which plan do you think you’ll choose? Share about it in the comments below.


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