Fitting exercise into a busy schedule is possible. Rather than setting unrealistic expectations, failing, then chucking it all out the window and heading right for the Christmas cookie jar, let’s try setting realistic goals for ourselves this December.

ANY exercise and movement is better than NO exercise.

One Easy Way to Squeeze Exercise into a Tight Schedule

One Easy Way to Squeeze Exercise into a Tight Schedule

Perhaps some of us have heard the advice to do squats and lunges while going about our daily routine of getting ready for the day or doing our house cleaning chores. Truth time — I never do this. I just cannot motivate myself to do lunges when I already have to force myself to clean up little boy (and not so little boy) pee from around my toilets. Yuck.

Can’t. Go. There.

Here’s a different idea to try. Most of us have extra cleaning to do during the holiday season to prepare for holiday events or guests. I know I feel better when my house is fresh and in order.

Studies have shown one of the best ways to burn calories during household chores is to go at it with gusto! (When I wore a Body Bugg on a regular basis, I found this to be true.)

If we intend for cleaning to be our workout, we’ll burn more calories.

When I clean my kitchen, I set a timer for 20 minutes at a time so I don’t stop and get distracted with sorting mail, weeding through clutter piles in other rooms, “just checking my email quick” or some other task. Then I put on some good music, engage my core, keep my shoulders back and down, and go at it with energy! I use big sweeping movements and scrub hard. I end up with a sparkling clean room, calories torched, and a sense of accomplishment all the way around. Time well spent!

What are some ways you squeeze in movement and exercise during this busy holiday season?




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