Is a Healthy December Possible?

It’s December. The last month of the year. A month of goodies, festivities, shopping, and rushing. A month of faith.

A month for fitness? Not so much.

Most of us slink through December on a wing, a prayer, skipping breakfast and hoping that covers our cookie-baking-and-eating fest from the night before. We start the month off with good intentions, but after so many weeks of temptation, we throw in the healthy eating and gym-going towel and say, “Ah, to heck with it. I’ll start over come January 1.”

For those of us who were already struggling with trying to establish healthy patterns, the holiday season is yet another reason to delve deeper into the patterns of heavy indulgences coated with shame and regret.

What if December didn’t have to be a wellness write off?

Does the thought of having a healthy December seem impossible to you? Does it seem even more impossible to believe we could have a healthy December AND enjoy it? I know it did to me for many years. I’m here it say it is possible and this year we will walk through the steps together to make it happen.

We will explore a different healthy focus for the week. Each of us will choose what is right for us within these areas, and we can give ourselves lots of grace. This is NOT about guilt or perfection. Try something new. If it works, fantastic! If not, we will pick ourselves up, dust off, and try something a different strategy. No harm done.

Use our community because life is better with friends. Post a comment and share what is working for you.

The more healthy we are, the more we are able to focus on the real meaning of the holiday — our thankfulness for the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Create a Healthy December Plan

This week’s focus is to create a Healthy December Plan. That means:

Choose two specific ways to be healthy during the month of December.

A couple tips:

  • Write these in the positive. (I will…)
  • Keep the plans specific, realistic, and do-able.
  • Write them down and post them in a visible location.

Use this FREE Printable to guide you! Click on the picture below for a printable PDF version.

December Plan

That’s it! It’s really that simple, yet so important. Here are some ideas to get started:

I will walk/go to the gym/swim 3 times per week.

I will plan healthy meals and snacks and grocery shop accordingly.

I will keep fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks in the house at all times.

I will limit the cookies and treats I bake to 3 family favorites.

I will ask a friend to join me for workouts twice a week.

I will take 30 minutes of downtime for myself every day.

I will choose one meal per day to eat all healthy choices.

I will read a daily Advent devotion, and pray for God to direct me in making healthy December choices.

How will you be healthy during the month of December? Share your Healthy December Plan in the comments below.



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