Most of us have December calendars dotted with special events. Church functions, caroling, childrens’ programs and office parties fill our days. We may be the outgoing type of people who loves these shoulder-to-shoulder functions, or we may be introverts who dread going and want nothing better than to stay home in our PJs sipping cocoa while watching It’s a Wonderful Life. Either way, all of us need to venture into the crowds of interacting with other humans during this season. There will be food, and drinking, and more food. How many times have we been to events like this and overindulged, only to regret it in the morning?

I’m going to share the absolute best way to party & not regret it in the morning.

Best Way to Party & Not Regret

I could list all kinds of tips for managing the buffet line, strategies such as eating before you leave the house, filling up on protein and the veggie tray, and drinking a glass of water between alcoholic beverages. These ideas are important. In fact I shared in this blog post the ones that have helped me the most since I’ve been maintaining my 100 pound weight loss. Here is another great resource from Web MD with tips from dieticians.

Yet I think there is a concept above all of these tips and tricks, as important as they are. It’s this:

Go to the party or event with this mindset: Who will I bless while I am here?

When we take the focus off of ourselves, a shift happens. Suddenly the worries about food don’t become such a big deal anymore.

I’ve started praying before I go to events, and I ask God to show me someone I can bless in some way while I am there. It’s often quite small and simple — maybe it’s someone who needs a listening ear in a conversation. Perhaps it’s introducing two people and making a connection. A few times it was helping a mom with her children. Other times it’s been offering to help the hostess clean up. Really, it’s just taking the focus off of myself and finding a way to do some small kindness for someone else.

When we think this way, food just isn’t such a big deal anymore.

Wow, how about that.

How do you navigate holiday get-togethers and parties? What have you found most helpful?

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