Does it sometimes seem like the day gets away with you? Use our free printable Daily Action Plan to keep on task and get more accomplished each day.

You start the day with the best of intentions. You are going to get so much accomplished today! Then life happens. A kid gets sick. You receive a phone call you have to deal with right away. And okay, you take a few minutes with your coffee to scroll through Facebook. Suddenly you look up and it’s time for lunch.Free printable daily action plan

How did that happen that the day is already half gone? Where did the minutes go?

With this free daily to do list printable, you can get a handle on the day and accomplish all the tasks you need to finish so you can go to bed feeling great.


How to Use a Daily Action Plan

This free one page PDF printable to-do list is great because you’ll see exactly what you need to accomplish each day.

Our Daily Action Plan printable includes:

  • Schedule. Mark out appointments and be sure to create a plan for what matters most to you, like going to the gym, devotion and Bible study time, reading, and time with your husband or kids. It’s not selfish to plan time for what matters most to you. My workouts, time blocked for work, and devotion time always go onto my daily plan first, and everything else fits in after that. Also check out this Holy Mess To-Do list for a slightly different format.
  • Top Priorities. Create 1-2 top priorities (no more than 3!) for the day that you know you need to accomplish to go to bed feeling like you marked off your list. I try to do these tasks as early in the day as possible, otherwise life gets in the way and it never seems to happen.
  • What’s to Eat? In the Faithful Finish Lines Christian weight loss program I run together with my business partner, we teach women to plan the night before what they will eat the following day. This makes a huge difference in following a healthy eating plan. Be sure to download The Holy Mess grocery list and meal planner to make this extra-easy.
  • Thankful for... Do you create a daily gratitude list? If not, you should. When I was researching The Hope Toolbox, our printable workbook to ease depression and sadness, I learned that scientific research has actually proven that keeping a daily gratitude list will lift your mood and increase your happiness.
Daily Plan - free printable to do list

Create a daily action plan that works for you.


Free Daily Action Plan Printable

Download this free daily action plan now to organize your day and get important stuff done.Free Daily Action Plan Printable




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Free Printable Daily Action Plan

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