Use The Holy Mess Bible Study Planner to grow in faith as you read the Bible.

Do you long to consistently spend time reading the Bible so that you can grow closer to God? Use this Bible study journal to organize reading the Bible, prayer, and faith growth.

The Holy Mess Bible Study Planner

How to Read the Bible Daily to Grow in Faith

The Bible is God’s Word for you. Nothing else you do will be as important as the time you spend meeting with God in his Word.

I love studying the Bible but to be honest (as much as I desire it) I struggle to fit in daily Bible reading time. Can you relate?

One way to discipline yourself to have daily Bible reading time is to use a daily Bible reading plan. Our printable planner will help you organize your study so you have one location to record your thoughts, prayers, and time in God’s Word.

Is your goal is to read the entire Bible in a year? Reading one chapter per day, you can read the whole Bible in a little over a year. (It’s one year and 3 months if you read one chapter per day.)


How to Have Daily Devotion Time

Here are 3 helpful tips to consistent daily devotion time where you grow in faith and develop an understanding of God’s call for your life.

1. Choose a Specific Time for Study Each Day.

Choose a consistent time for daily Bible reading.

One of the keys to regular Bible reading time is choosing the same time each day. For me, mornings are the best time for my Bible reading time because I do best when I do it first thing.

Your time might be during the day or before bed, but keep it consistent.

2. Use a Structured Plan.

I recommend using a daily Bible reading plan to organize your study time.

I love one month, topical daily Bible reading plans because they given me immediate life application. They are quick and easy to read each day, but over the course of a month a take a deep dive into that one topic. By the end of the month, I walk away with a strong understanding of God’s view.

Here at The Holy Mess, we have many monthly Bible reading plans that we’ve created. These are the top plans that are most popular with readers.

30 Days of Praising God in the Storms of Life Bible Reading Plan – The most popular reading plan on our website, this plan will guide you in how to not just survive tough times, but praise God through it.

Endurance 31 Day Bible Reading Plan – Are you facing a tough situation that is going long and you feel like you don’t have the strength to keep going? Use this plan to endure to the end.

New Life in Christ 30 Day Bible Reading Plan – You aren’t stuck in your old, sinful way of life. You are new in Jesus! Use this plan to learn how God has made you new, and discover how to live about that new life day to day.

30 Day Faith Over Fear Bible Reading Plan – This plan was so popular (especially during the time of Coronavirus and quarantine) that I made it into a book that is now available on Amazon.

30 Day Bible Reading Plan to Calm Anxiety – If you struggle with depression, stress, or anxiety, this is the reading plan for you. Learn to find peace and calm from God.

30 Days of Knowing My Identity in Christ Bible Reading Plan – Know who you are and whose you are in the Lord.

The Holy Mess Bible Study Planner will take your reading time one step further in growing in faith because it gives you a space to record what you are learning, prayer requests, and much more.

3. Record Your Progress.

Use our PDF printable Bible study guide (below) to take your reading time one step further by tracking your progress.

I don’t know about you, but my memory is short. I tend to be focused on the moment and forget to reflect back on the progress I’ve made. Use our Bible study planner to keep track of how God is answering your prayers, what you want to study next, lessons you are learning, and more.


Organize Your Daily Bible Reading

Use this Bible study template to organize your Scripture reading efforts.

The Holy Mess Bible Study Planner includes:

  • Bible study devotional page – Write the day’s Scripture lesson and your reflections.
  • People in verse worksheet – Keep track of the people you read about in the Bible and the lessons you learn from them.
  • Weekly planner sheet – Plan what you will study each day of the week.
  • Sermon notes – Use this page to take notes during the Sunday sermon. (Works great for worship in person or online.)
  • Bible study tracker – Track study topics and insights.
  • Daily gratitude sheet – Research shows that people who focus on gratitude are happier, have more peace and even get sick less frequently. Take a few minutes to focus on the good gifts God has given you.
  • Prayer request log – We give you space to pray for yourself, friends, family, and the world. Track your requests and look back to see how God has answered your specific prayers.

The Holy Mess Bible Study Planner – PDF Download

This digital download Bible Study Planner will guide you through organizing and spending meaningful time in God’s Word.Bible Study Planner



How will you dive into deeper study of God’s Word? Share about it in the comments below.

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