Are you at a place in life that needs endurance? Our 31 Day Bible Reading Plan for Endurance is an excellent guide to help anyone face and succeed in a time where endurance is a must.

Endurance 31 Day Bible Reading Plan

31 Day Bible Reading Plan for Endurance

I shivered as I dipped my feet into the icy water. My eyes scanned the horizon, squinting into the sunrise, scanning for the orange buoys in the distance. Today, at the starting line of a long-distance triathlon, would be a day for endurance.

Triathlon racing required endurance, whether it was calming fear during the open water swim, pushing past pain on the bike ride, or pounding out long miles on the run. Those hours of physical activity taught me so much about what endurance means – keeping on when you want to quit, finding ways to counteract boredom, or praying for help when stopping seems to be the only option.

While each triathlon I competed in was a challenge, I’ve come to learn life requires endurance for so many bigger challenges.

Maybe you can relate to some of these:

  • Physical pain or chronic conditions that don’t go away
  • Children with special needs
  • Financial struggles
  • Marriage or relationship problems
  • Stressful work conditions

When the going gets tough and situations seem to stretch out way beyond what seems manageable, God provides endurance for the journey. Use this Endurance 31 Day Bible Reading Plan to give you encouragement for when you want to quit.

Learning to not quit

How many times have you wanted to quit when problems seemed insurmountable? I sure have. Yet, God’s word tells us to keep on with the strength only God provides. Matthew 24:13 says, “But the one who endures to the end will be saved.”

May these words strengthen, encourage, and empower you to live for Christ during the next 31 days.


Endurance 31 Day Bible Reading Plan

Get your FREE Endurance 31 Day Bible Reading Plan now. Click below to grab this amazing Bible reading plan that will lead you through scripture to learn more about Christ and how you can have endurance in every aspect of your life. Every day gives you a new scripture to focus on and learn from as you build a stronger faith in Christ and character of person.

Endurance 31 Day Bible Reading Plan



How does God provide you endurance when you want to quit? Whether your struggle is health, emotional, or even within your marriage, these scriptures and Bible reading plan will help keep your focus where it needs to be day to day.

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Endurance 31 Day Bible Reading Plan