You’ve decided to join Weight Watchers or are a current WW member. On November 11, 2019, the company unveiled the newest program called MyWW where members get to choose between the Green, Blue, and Purple plans. How do you choose which MyWW plan is best for you? Keep reading and we’ll guide you through the process.

How to Choose the Best MyWW Plan

New MyWW Program for 2020 and Beyond

How did you feel when you heard about the new MyWW program?

I admit I had some mixed feelings when it came to the new MyWW program. As someone who has been using WW off and on for the last 20 years and is maintaining a 100+ pound weight loss (read my 100 pound weight loss story here), I am no stranger to WW changing up the program since they do it every couple years.

Still, it’s normal to feel a bit of excitement but also some twinges of panic and apprehension.

If you are like me, you were probably filled with questions, like…

  • Will the new plan still use points?
  • Will the new plan still allow me to enjoy my favorite foods and familiar recipes?
  • Will I have to relearn a whole new set of points values?
  • Will it help me lose weight faster?

For more detailed information about how the plan works, be sure to check out this post about MyWW New Program for 2020 which goes over the changes in detail.

Because the new MyWW plan allows members to choose between the Green, Blue, and Purple plans, I’m here to give you detailed information about how to choose the best plan to support your weight loss efforts. Weight loss is hard work, and you want to be sure you are using the plan that will give you the top support to get you to your goal weight.


The New WW Plan for 2020 – Don’t Panic

If you are feeling nervous about the new MyWW program, first off, don’t panic.

Rest assured, the new program does use the points system we all know and love, and what’s great about it is that members get to choose the plan that best fits their life and lifestyle.

Here’s more reasons to get excited about the new MyWW program…

  • WW says the clinical trials + practice rounds with 3,000+ members showed no one plan led to better weight loss than another.
  • You can switch plans with the click of a button – no biggie! Yes, WW recommends that you stick with a plan for at least 2 weeks before switching, but if you need to switch, switch. (I personally plan to try all 3 programs over the next few months. I’ll be reporting in on my results so be sure to visit The Holy Mess often and open your emails from me.)
  • All 3 plans have the same goal – get you to eat fewer calories so you lose weight.
  • All 3 new plans are updated versions of previous WW plans that WW members loved and have requested that WW bring back. So while they are new, they are also tried and tested plans that do work.

Overall, I’m pretty darn excited about the new plans. I think we still get the WW system that we know works, but now we get to make some personal changes for what works best for each of us with our individual life and body’s specific needs.

I am currently using the Blue plan (because I’ve been doing really well with Freestyle), but I also can’t wait to give the Green and Purple plans a try.

{Video} New MyWW Program – Everything You Need to Know for Weight Loss Success

Guidelines to Choosing the Best MyWW Plan for You

If you are brand new to WW, you were given an assessment when you joined to help you choose the best plan for you. (Since I’m not new, I wasn’t able to take the assessment. If you took it, in the comments below will you share about what some of the questions were? I’m curious!)

Here are some of my suggested guidelines for choose the best MyWW plan for you.

Please keep in mind I do not work for WW and these are merely my observations as someone who has used the WW plan for many years and been through many changes in programs. You might agree with my ideas or you might not, and that’s okay. If you have different opinions or reasons why you chose the plan you did, feel free to share in the comments.

Weight loss is a highly individualized endeavor, so while there are some universal truths, everyone’s body reacts someone differently to diet changes. Graphic of the Blue, Green, and Purple WW plans


Choose MyWW GREEN if….

  • You tend to overeat zero point foods.
  • Your weight loss plateaued or you gained weight with Freestyle.
  • You go out to eat a lot.
  • You eat processed foods or junk foods.
  • You don’t mind tracking.
  • You prefer more daily points and less zero point foods.
  • You were a WW member before & liked SmartPoints or Points Plus.

Click here to learn more about the Green plan and download a free printable list of the 100 zero point foods.


Choose MyWW BLUE if…

  • You liked Freestyle.
  • You enjoy zero point foods but don’t overeat them.
  • You don’t mind tracking but don’t want to track everything you eat.
  • Don’t like whole grains (prefer white).
  • You want a balance of daily points and zero point foods.
  • You lose weight best with a higher protein, low carb diet.

Click here to learn more about the Blue plan and download a free printable list of the 200 zero point foods.


Choose MyWW Purple if…

  • You want more zero point foods and less daily points.
  • You hate tracking.
  • You eat mostly whole, real foods.
  • You eat mostly food prepared at home.
  • Your body functions better with more carbs.
  • You enjoy carbs but are not tempted to overeat them.
  • You were a WW Member in the past and liked Simply Filling or Core.

Click here to learn more about the Purple plan and download a free printable list of the 300 zero point foods.


Frequently Asked Questions about the MyWW Program

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about the MyWW program.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, you can easily switch plans in the WW app. WW recommends that you use a plan at least 2 weeks before switching, but you can change as often as you want.

Are there still weekly flex points?

Yes, there are still weekly points and they are individually calculated for you.

Are there still fit points?

Yes, there are still weekly fit points. WW recommends that you don’t trade them for food unless you are training for an event such as a marathon or triathlon.

Which MyWW plan leads to fastest weight loss?

According to WW, their scientific research shows that all plans lead to equal weight loss.

Which MyWW plan is easiest to follow?

None of the plans is easier or more difficult than another, but it’s a matter of personal preference which plan you find the most easy to follow. Choose one, try it for a few weeks, and you can always switch to another.

Now you have some helpful information for how to choose the MyWW plan that’s best for you to maximize your weight loss. I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Which plan are you using and how’s it going so far?


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Post updated July, 2020.

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