Lose weight and feel great using this Weight Watchers Purple Meal Plan. Are you following the Weight Watchers Purple plan and wondering what foods are best to eat? Maybe you are on the Green or Blue plan and have considered switching, but you wonder what a day of eating on Purple would look like.

Use this 3-day WW Purple meal plan to guide you, and be sure to download the free printable PDF to make it easy.

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What is MyWW Purple Plan?

In 2019, WW introduced a new program called MyWW that allows members to choose the Green, Blue or Purple plans. Members take a quiz when they join Weight Watchers to determine the best plan for them, but you can also switch plans at any time but switching in the WW app or online site.

The WW Purple plan allows the least amount of daily points but the most zero point foods, with 300 zero point foods to choose from.

The Purple plan is unique from other WW plans because whole grains (whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and oatmeal for example), potatoes, and air-popped popcorn are all zero point foods on the Purple plan.

All 3 MyWW plans have been proven by research to be successful for weight loss, so there really isn’t one plan that is better than another, but rather which fits your likes and lifestyle the best.

Be sure to check out our in-depth WW Purple Ultimate guide for even more help for weight loss on MyWW Purple.


Weight Watchers Purple Meal Plan

Use this meal plan as a guide to getting started with the Purple plan.*

Each day’s points add up to about 16. Remember that you have weekly flex points to use and zero point foods to enjoy. You shouldn’t ever be hungry following the WW plan for Purple.

Day 1


Chocolate peanut butter oatmeal for WW in serving bowl

You’ll love this hearty and delicious chocolate PB oatmeal. The link provides instructions for making it in the Instant Pot or Stove top.

Weight Watchers Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal – 1 point

1 T peanut butter – 3 points

2 tsp mini chocolate chips – 2

2 hard-boiled eggs – 0 points

Total breakfast points – 6 points



WW Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetables Meal Prep– 5 points

1/2 cup brown rice – 0 points

1 banana or apple – 0 points

Total lunch points – 5 points

Meal Prep Ideas for WW

This Teriyaki Chicken Sheet Pan meal is a delicious dinner or make enough for a week’s healthy lunches.



4 ounces top sirloin steak, grilled, cooked in the air fryer or skillet sauteed – 3 points

1 baked sweet potato – 0 points

3 spears Asparagus Bacon wraps – 3 points

Total dinner points – 6 points



1 cup plain, non-fat Greek yogurt mixed with 1 cup frozen berries, thawed. Add sugar-free sweetener if desired – 0 points

Cucumber slices sprinkled with sea salt – 0 points

Total snack points – 0 points

Day 1 total daily points – 17 points


Day 2


3 eggs, cooked any style – 0 points

Cooked onions and peppers (or veggies of choice) – 0 points

Salsa – 0 points

Turkey or chicken sausage, such as Jennio-O or Butterball Breakfast sausage – 3 points

Total breakfast points – 3 points



WW Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetables Meal Prep– 5 points

1/2 cup brown rice – 0 points

1 banana

1 T peanut butter – 3 points

Total lunch points – 8 points



1/2 cup Hunt’s spaghetti sauce – 2 points

Bacon wrapped asparagus

Bacon wrapped asparagus – delicious!

3 ounces lean ground turkey or chicken breast (99% fat free) – 0 points

1 cup cooked whole wheat pasta – 0 points

2 T Parmesan cheese – 1 point

1 cup cooked green beans – 0 points

Total dinner points – 3 points



3 cups air-popped popcorn sprayed with butter spray and seasoned with popcorn seasoning – 0 points

Fiber One chocolate brownie – 2 points

Total snack points – 2 points

Total daily points – 16 points


Day 3


1 cup frozen, shredded hash browns, cook with cooking spray – 0 points

2 eggs, cooked any style – 0 points

cooked onions and peppers or veggies of choice – 0 points

3 slices crispy bacon – 5 points

Total breakfast points – 5 points



WW Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetables Meal Prep – 5 points

1/2 cup brown rice – 0 points

1 cup watermelon, mango, kiwi, or pineapple – 0 points

Total lunch points – 5 points


Two ingredient dough pizza

Can you enjoy pizza on WW? Absolutely! Check out our recipe that uses 2 ingredient dough. Just 2 points per slice!


WW Pizza made with 2 ingredient dough, 3 slices – 6 points

Baby carrots, cucumber slices, and celery sticks served with WW Zero Point Ranch Dip

Total dinner points – 6 points



1 slice light bread such as 647 bread or Sara Lee light bread – 1 points

1 Hard Boiled egg, sliced – 0 points

Everything But the Bagel seasoning – sprinkle on top

Total snack points – 1 point

Total daily points – 17 points


Free PDF Printable Purple Meal Plan

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Are you following the WW Purple plan? What are some of your favorite meals and snacks? Share them in the comments below.


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*Please note that this meal plan is meant as a general guide. We are not nutritionists. Refer to your doctor’s advice.

**We are not associated with WW International.