Enjoy the best Weight Watchers cheese and crackers for low points on MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple with this show-stopping Weight Watchers Cheese and Cracker Snack Board.

WW cheese and crackers on board with fruit

Best Weight Watchers Cheese

Just because you are doing WW doesn’t mean you need to give up cheese, which is amazingly delicious food! However, many cheeses are quite high in points so choosing the lowest point options is important.

What is the best cheese to eat on Weight Watchers? Use our list here of the best cheese for Weight Watchers to be sure you get the tastiest options for the lowest points.

best WW cheese. Laughing cow and babybel light with fruit.
  • Sargento ultra thin mild cheddar cheese slices – 3 slices – 5 points, all plans. These are regular cheese that is sliced very thin, so you get the delicious creamy texture of a full-fat cheese.
  • Babybel light cheese – 1 piece – 1 point, all plans. These are fun little round cheese wheels to eat. Be sure to get the “light” for 1 point each. Regular rounds are 3 points, which still makes them a good option but not as low as the light version.
  • Mozzarella skim milk, light string cheese sticks – 1 piece – 1 point, all plans, Weight Watchers brand, Kraft, or store brands are all equally good.
  • Cabot cheese, sharp cheddar 75% reduced fat – 1 oz – 1 point. This cheese can be a bit hard to find but when you do, be sure to grab some! It’s my favorite reduced fat cheese option.
  • Cabot 50% reduced fat sharp cheddar – 1 oz – 1 point, all plans
  • Cream cheese or Neufchâtel cheese – light or reduced fat – 1 oz – 3 points, all plans
  • Cream cheese, whipped – 1 T – 2 points all plans.
  • Weight Watchers reduced fat cream cheese – 2 T – 2 points all plans.
  • Laughing Cow light cheese wedges – 1 wedge – 1 point, all plans. These are fun to eat and come in a huge variety of flavors.
  • Fat-free cheese – 1 point per serving, all plans. I’m not a huge fan of fat-free cheese, but it is low in points and it’s not bad when melted inside of something or mixed together with reduced-fat cheese so you get a more creamy texture.
  • Velveeta slices, sharp cheddar cheese – 1 point per slice, all plans. These melt great or work on sandwiches.
  • Cheez Whiz, original (jar) – 2 T – 3 points, all plans. Not sure if this qualifies as real cheese, but it is low in points.
  • El Paso Cheese and Salsa Dip (jar) – 2 T – 1 point, all plans. Maybe not really cheese, but it gives a cheesy flavor for only one point.

What cheese has the lowest weight watchers points? Light string cheese, light Babybel, Laughing Cow cheese wedges, Velveeta slices and fat free cheese have the lowest points at 1 point per serving.

Best Crackers for Weight Watchers with Points

Best crackers for WW low points, with fruit and cheese

Here are some delicious WW low point cracker choices.

  • Reduced fat wheat thins – 16 crackers – 4 points, all plans
  • Sea salt almond Nut Thins – 17 crackers – 4 points, all plans
  • Cheddar cheese almond Nut Thins – 16 crackers – 4 points, all plans
  • Simply salted Good Thins – 18 crackers – 4 points, all plans
  • Pop chips – 3 points per serving, all plans
  • Good Thins corn crackers – 41 pieces, 3 points
  • Triscuit, reduced fat – 6 crackers – 3 points, all plans
  • Brown rice crackers – 13 crackers – 3 points
  • Saltines – 5 crackers – 2 points

How many Weight Watchers points are crackers? Most crackers are 3-4 points per serving on Weight Watchers Green, Blue, and Purple plans.

What are the best crackers to eat on Weight Watchers? Good Thins, Pop Chips, saltines, and brown rice crackers are the best crackers for Weight Watchers since you get a large number of crackers per serving and they are low in points.

Weight Watchers Appetizer

A fun Weight Watchers appetizer for your next gathering is a WW crackers and cheese plate. Here’s how to create one.

If you love the look of a display board, be sure to check out our Weight Watchers Breakfast board for a low point brunch.

WW cheese and crackers snack board

In addition to the cheese and cracker options listed above, use fruits, vegetables, olives, pickles, and meats to complete your board.

  • Grapes – 0 points
  • Cutie oranges – 0 points
  • Apples – 0 points
  • Celery – 0 points
  • Carrots – 0 points
  • Turkey pepperoni – 1 ounce – 1 point
  • Deli lunchmeat, turkey or chicken – 2 oz – 1 point
  • Deli lunch meat, roast beef or ham – 2 oz – 2 points
  • Prosciutto – 1 oz – 3 points
  • Olives – 6 olives – 1 point
  • Pepperoncini – 0 points
  • Baby dill gherkins – 0 points

WW Charcuterie Board

This Weight Watchers snack board is so delicious to present and even better to eat. Best of all, everything on the board is low in WW points so you can stick to your weight loss goals.

Ingredients with crackers in boxes
Gather ingredients. Choose a variety of low-point cheeses and crackers, then load up your board with zero point fruits and vegetables.
Fruit on ww board
Wash fruits and vegetables, then slice as needed.
WW crackers and cheese with fruit
To build your board, carefully arrange crackers and cheese on board. Fill in with meats, fruits, and vegetables. Board can be wrapped and stored for several hours before serving. Then dig in!
WW crackers and cheese with fruit
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Weight Watchers Cheese and Cracker Snack Board

This delicious appetizer is a wonderful tray to share at your next party or family gathering. Or, make a mini version for yourself for a high-protein lunch.
Prep Time15 mins
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: America
Keyword: Weight Watchers
Servings: 10
Author: www.theholymess.com


  • board


  • 3 box crackers such as Good Thins, Reduced Fat Wheat Thins, or Pop Chips
  • 3 packages reduced-fat cheese of choice such as Babybel, Laughing Cow, or Cabot
  • 3 types fruit such as grapes, apple slices, or pears
  • 2 types vegetables such as celery and baby carrots


  • Arrange crackers, cheese, turkey pepperoni, fruits and veggies on a large charcuterie board or serving tray.


Points and calories will vary depending on items chosen.

Now you have a delicious Weight Watchers cheese and cracker board you and your guests will love.

What’s your favorite WW appetizer? Share in the comments below.

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