Whether you are part of a group Bible study class, enjoy a Bible Journal, or doing the Bible reading plans on your own, this 30 Day Bible Study Notebook will be a helpful Bible study tool to organize your Bible study lessons, scripture writing, and Bible note taking. 30 Day Bible Reading Plan Notebook Printable


What Is A Bible Study Notebook?

Bible reading plans and bible studies can help you grow in your faith and wisdom in the Lord. The Bible says faith comes by hearing. (Romans 10:17)

Reading out loud and writing out the Word is how you feed and nurture your faith.

A Bible Study Notebook helps you during your Bible reading time each day by letting the truth of God’s Word soak into your heart by writing out God’s word, your prayers and Bible notes.

This takes some discipline but is so worth it for the peace and strength you will get that only God can give.

How Do I Study The Bible And Take Notes?

Over the last few years, I’ve been getting up extra early to spend time in a short Bible study and personal quiet time before I head to my workouts and start my busy day. Although I enjoy Bible note taking, it’s not easy to get up at 4:30 AM when the alarm goes off, but it’s so worth it! I have discovered this is my very favorite time of day when I have the house and my thoughts to myself.

You can incorporate God’s Word into your life by purposefully writing out scriptures and prayers, reading them out loud and keeping a prayer journal to help you absorb the Word of God into your heart.

As you read the Bible, write down what stands out to you and what you’d like to research more into.

Is it okay to write in your Bible?

This topic is a bit debated, especially in the world of Bible Journaling where people write, color, paint, and do creative artwork in their Bibles.

I personally think it’s totally fine (and great!) to write and take notes in your Bible, but I understand that many people have been taught that this practice should be discouraged in order to keep God’s Word in reverence.

Do what you feel is best for you. My 30 Day Bible Study Notebook will be great for your Bible Journaling and Scripture writing needs either way.


Helpful Bible Study Tools

In today’s world, we are so fortunate to have so many free Bible study tools available to use with just a few clicks of a button or by downloading a free app. 

We have several bible reading plans to choose from, but there are also free bible study lessons you can choose from across the web. 

You Version is my favorite Bible reading app for my smartphone.

Bible Gateway is a wonderful resource for looking up Bible passages. Check out my post here about how to get the most out of Bible Gateway.

Back to the Bible is a ministry I’ve partnered with to bring you a number of Bible reading plans in an easy-to-use, interactive format.

Looking for more about how to study the Bible? Here are some helpful resources on our site.

Who is Jesus Christ – This lesson is part of the Getting to Know Jesus series.

How Do I Pray? Learning How to Pray for Beginners – Learn how to talk to God in prayer.

How Do I Know If I Am a Christian? – The basis of Christian faith.

How can I do my own Bible Study?

There are a few different ways to do your own study, but I would always suggest starting with prayer and asking God to lead you in what and how He’d like you to study.

Start with a simple process of saying a prayer, reading a short portion of God’s Word, and writing a few thoughts in a notebook. You can always add to this later.

We also have a Bible Study Planner to help you if you’d like more guidance to use it for your Bible Study lessons. 

How Do You Bible Journal In A Notebook?

Many Christians take the beginning of the year to start a Bible reading plan with the goal of reading the Bible in a year. Have you done that? There are so many different Bible Reading Plans to choose from and most of them are free Bible study tools we have access to. 

There are also topical Bible reading plans. These are one of my favorite Bible study tools! My Identity in Christ and the Attributes of God are two topic reading plans that are some of my favorites.

You start by reading the scripture for the day or the passage of scripture, write it out in your Bible journal or bible notebook, and then you can add your creativity to it by adding stickers, doodles, or whatever you’d like to make it your own style. 

If you want to do creative Bible art journaling in a notebook (especially if you don’t feel comfortable with artwork in your Bible or covering the words in your Bible), simply take any designs you want to try and use them in a notebook instead of directly in your Bible.Bible journaling in a Faith Planner with Karen Hunter

You might find it helpful to divide your notebook into sections, either by topics or by books of the Bible so that your designs are in a logical order. You can even use Bible tabs in your notebook to organize in this way.

Another option is to use a Christian planner to do your Bible journaling. This is a great way to document what the Lord is doing in your life during the current week or noting current world events. We like the Christian women’s planners from Dayspring.

How Do I Make A Bible Study Journal?

I’ve created one for you! Scroll down this page and see my 30 Day Bible Study Notebook. Print it off and put it in a folder. You can also have it spiral bound at an office supply store like Office Max. That’s what I did with mine. This is inexpensive (less than $20) and makes for such a great book to use.

30 Day Bible Reading Notebook

Download your PDF printable Bible reading notebook using the button below.

This 30 Day Bible Study Notebook will keep your Bible Journaling, Scripture writing, Bible journal, and Bible study lessons all in one place for you to enjoy, keeping you organized so you can spend more time absorbing God’s Word.


Free 30 Day Bible Reading Plans – PDF Printable

While this notebook is great for any Bible reading plan or Bible Journal plan, it’s specially designed to be a perfect fit for any of the 30 day Bible reading plans we offer for FREE here at The Holy Mess. 

Here are some of them for you to enjoy.

30 Day Bible Reading Plan about Anger –When it comes to the topic of anger, the Bible has lots to tell us. Have you wondered what the Bible says about anger? Use this 30 day Bible reading plan about anger to learn more.

30 Day Freedom Bible Reading Plan –We all long for the freedom to live life the way we want to and to make our own choices. Is this the freedom that God talks about in the Bible? What about freedom of speech, religion, or choice? Use this free 30 day Freedom Bible Reading Plan to understand what God’s Word says about freedom.

30 Day Fruits of the Spirit Bible Reading Plan – Do you want more peace and patience in your life? How about love, joy, and faithfulness? These are fruits of the Spirit as described in the Bible. This month, use this 30 day Fruits of the Spirit Bible reading plan to grow fruits of your faith.

30 Day Spiritual Warfare Bible Reading Plan –Did you know that you have a spiritual enemy who seeks to lead you away from God? This might be a scary thought, but you have a God who rescues and protects you. This battle, although not visible, is real. Learn more about it with this 30 Day Spiritual Warfare Bible Reading Plan.

30 Day Bible Reading Plan to Calm Anxiety –Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, or panic? Use these 30 Bible Verses to Calm you when experience hardships in your life. Life is hard, but the Bible offers us so much encouragement as we face life’s challenges. These verses can be used for a month of readings or read several per day as you focus on the hope and peace that only God provides. Whether you deal with ongoing anxiety or panic, work troubles, or are just going through a rough time, these verses will help calm your stress and provide comfort.

30 Days of Praising God in the Storms of Life Bible Reading Plan – Have you recently experienced a storm in your life and wondered how it would be possible to praise God in the storm? Your storm might be a literal one, such as the Hurricanes we recently experienced in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean, or the wildfires in Montana, Oregon, and California. Your life storms might be emotional such as ongoing battles with depression or difficult relationships. Your storms might be spiritual if you feel continually attacked by the enemy or if you question God’s purpose for your life. No matter the type of storm, this Bible reading plan for 30 Days of Praising God in the Storms of Life, is for you.

Find more free 30 day Bible reading plans by clicking here.

[Click for Video] How to Use the 30 Day Bible Study Notebook from The Holy Mess

Click to watch a short video to see what the 30 Day Bible Study Notebook looks like and How To Use A Bible Study Notebook

What’s Included in the 30 Day Bible Study Notebook?

Page of Bible Reading Plan Notebook - The Holy Mess

Here’s a look at a page of the Bible Reading Plan notebook. I had this printed and spiral bound at Office Max for a very reasonable cost. You can also print this at home and keep it in a folder or 3-ring binder.

Here’s what inside the 30 Day Bible Study Notebook printable.

  1. Welcome and directions.
  2. List of free Bible reading plans.
  3. One page for each day of the 30 days. On each day is space for the date and Bible verse, plus space to write out the Scripture verse, reflections, prayer, and notes. There’s plenty of space if you want to include some creative Bible journaling, too.
  4. Final reflection page to look back on what you learned during the month.

Remember, this is a digital product so nothing will be shipped to you. Print it at home and start using it immediately.

You can also have it spiral bound at an office supply store like Office Max. That’s what I did with mine. This is inexpensive (less than $20) and makes for such a great book to use.

Scroll down to the red “Add to Cart” button to get your copy now.

30 Day Bible Study Notebook – PDF PrintablePrintable Bible Reading Plan Notebook - 30 Day Plan

This notebook includes 30+ pages that lead you through using a 30 daily Bible reading plan of your choice.

Here’s what inside the 30 Day Bible Study Notebook printable.

  1. Welcome and directions.
  2. List of free Bible reading plans.
  3. One page for each day for 30 days. On each day is space for the date and Bible verse, plus space to write out the Scripture verse, reflections, prayer, and notes. There’s plenty of space if you want to include some creative Bible journaling, too.
  4. Final reflection page to look back on what you learned during the month.

Please note that this is a digital product for you to print at home and use immediately. No product will be shipped to you.



With the 30 Day Bible Study Notebook, you’ll be all set to study God’s Word on a daily basis and prayer journal during the next month. I can’t wait to see how you use it.


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