If You Write, Please Read This

A Message to All Writers, and a Free Gift for Everyone to Celebrate the end of the Write 31 days series.


Every day in October I wrote a blog post for The Hope Toolbox series. (See the whole series here.)

My Hope Toolbox

Whether you read one post or 31 posts, I thank you. Thank you for sharing your time with me. Your time is your most valuable asset, and I do not take that gift lightly.

Your comments and feedback are most welcome. What has been most helpful? What topics do you want to read about next?

When you start a project, you never know where God and life might take you. God took me on an unexpected trip to Illinois to visit my mom who is recovering in a nursing home. So, here is where I finished my final write 31 days posts:

Write 31 days creative

Life wasn’t as planned, but The Hope Toolbox series is finished! So many other bloggers encouraged and inspired me, my husband and kids were a huge support, and God gave me words when I thought I had none left.

Enjoy the journey

Enjoy the journey.

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My Hope Toolbox

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To the Writers

You are so brave.

Do you know how brave you are? Any writer takes a tremendous risk. You take something from inside yourself, something real and typically hidden, and you make it public and known. There is a purity in that.

You risk criticism, but worse, you risk the possibility of being passed over and ignored. What if I spill my guts and no one cares?

In writing groups, I hear comments like, “I don’t care if I have many readers. I just want to write, and it doesn’t matter if people read it or not.”

Quite frankly, my writing friends, I don’t believe you when you say that.

Writers want readers.

If you didn’t want people to read it, you would write it in your journal and stick it in your bedside table. If you are writing a blog or a book, you have a message for sharing.

When I read a writer who says, “I’m writing a blog, and I think only my mom and my husband are reading it. This is hard,” I love that. I try to go and read her blog if I can. I’ll share it if it speaks to me. I applaud her honesty.

Own up to your feelings. Don’t say you don’t care.

You care.

When you admit you care, you risk the hurt. But you can do it!

It’s a risk worth taking.

If You Write, Please Read This

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