Would you like to lose weight while following a points system? Use this Weekly Points Tracker Free Printable to guide your weight loss efforts.

Weight Watchers points free printable tracker

Weight Watchers/WW Freestyle Weight Loss by Counting Points

Weight Watchers/WW Freestyle uses a points system to help you manage calories and lose weight.

How do you know how many points you should eat in a day and the points of common foods?

Join WW! I’ve been a member of Weight Watchers for many years and am a member today. The system works and it’s a great system for not just reducing calories but guiding you toward healthy choices. There are on-line and in-person meeting options.

Click here to join WW.

There are on-line “knock off” points calculators but there’s no way of knowing they are accurate.

Can you do Weight Watchers at home for free? Yes, it’s possible if you have been a member of WW in the past and have the materials available to you. Click here for more general information about the Weight Watchers system.

If you really feel you can’t afford WW, or you did WW in the past and now are doing Weight Watchers at home on your own, you have a couple options available.

One option is to use the free printable weekly points tracker below. Print one copy for each week. I also recommend you use our free printable weight loss tracker.

You might also want to check out itrackbites which is an app that follows the WW system, and even has the option to use older WW systems.

Still, overall I recommend you invest in the WW program if you possible can since the program continually updates and WW really does have the best support available. You are worth it.

Free Printable Weekly Points Tracker PDF Printable

Weekly Points Tracker
Use this free printable to count points for weight loss.

Download this free printable Weekly Points Tracker and get started on your weight loss goals today.

Use this tracker to use the WW Freestyle system at home for free or in conjunction with a paid WW membership (which is what I recommend!).



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