Christmas cookies are a cherished part of the holiday season and these Weight Watchers Christmas cookie recipes will allow you to enjoy sweet treats without gaining weight.

Each recipe includes points for MyWW Blue, Green, and Purple plans. Even if you aren’t a WW member, you’ll love the lighter versions of your holiday favorites.

20 Best Weight Watchers Holiday Cookies

How to Enjoy Holiday Cookies on WW

Are you wondering how you can enjoy treats this December and still reach your weight loss goals? I promise it’s possible.

I’m a WW Lifetime member at goal weight who has been maintaining a 100 pound weight loss for over a decade. That means I’ve managed a lot of Christmas seasons.

Sara before 100 pound weight loss

Sara – Before I lost 100 pounds.

Here are my top strategies to enjoy cookies without over-indulging.

  • Watch portions. Cookies are so easy to nibble, aren’t they? Portion size matters a lot here. While many of these WW cookies are just a few points per serving, keep in mind that a portion size is 1 or 2 cookies.
  • Pay attention as you eat. The way I manage portion size with cookies is that I pay attention to what I’m eating. Make a rule for yourself that if you are going to eat a cookie (or let’s face it, the raw dough), put it on a plate, sit your bootie down, and eat it while being fully aware. Mindfully eating a few cookies is no problem to work into your points budget. It’s when you thoughtlessly plow through half a tray of cookies that you’ll struggle to lose weight.

    Sara Borgstede After photo

    Sara “After” photo – at goal weight.

  • Get treats out of sight. My husband is a pastor and people love to gift us with cookie and candy trays at the holidays. That’s fine, but as soon as sweets come into the house I get them out of the sight. (Most often in the freezer we keep down in the basement.)
  • Make a plan. Create a holiday plan. I might eat a sweet treat every single day in December but it’s planned for the night before and worked into my points budget for the day.
  • Choose which treats are worth it. Are you wondering how to decide where to splurge? Don’t waste points on cookies from a tin that have been sitting at Walmart for the last 6 months (unless that’s your favorite). Instead, plan to splurge on that delicious fresh-baked treat your neighbor only makes once a year.
  • Get back on track fast. Most of us overindulge from time to time around the holidays. It’s okay. Just get back on track fast. One of the weight loss affirmations I use is, “When I get off track, I get back on track fast.” My goal is to be back on track the next time I eat.

Which Christmas Cookies Are Most WW-Friendly?

When it comes to healthier cookies, here are some of the most WW-friendly options:

  • Cookies made from a healthier recipe (made with whole wheat flour, applesauce, sugar-free cake mix, or bananas) such as those we list below.
  • Oatmeal cookies
  • Cookies without frosting
  • Regular size cookies (vs. jumbo-sized portions)
  • Cookies without nuts
  • Gingerbread cookies

While all cookies can be enjoyed in moderation, keep in mind that some varieties are a calorie and points splurge. Higher-point cookies include:

  • Spritz and shortbread cookies, which are high in butter content
  • Sandwich cookies (two cookies with filling or frosting in the middle)
  • Cookies with nuts
  • Cookies with frosting
  • Cookies with a lot of mix-ins such as different types of chocolate chips and nuts
  • Jumbo-sized cookies
  • Peanut butter cookies

How to Handle Baking Days, Parties & Christmas Cookie Exchanges

Have you been invited to a Christmas party or cookie exchange and you are wondering how to handle the wide variety of treats available? Use these strategies.

  • Survey your choices. Before you eat any cookies or other treats, look at all the choices available. Then choose 2-3 choices that are your absolute favorites.
  • Bring a WW-friendly cookie recipe to share. Many of the options below are just as delicious as the original.
  • Don’t go hungry. Before the event, but sure to eat something with filling protein and fiber, such as vegetables with this zero point Greek yogurt dip, a bowl of WW turkey chili or light string cheese with turkey pepperoni.
  • Save some for later. Enjoy one or two treats now, then wrap up the rest to take home for later. Most Christmas cookies freeze beautifully.

Get more ideas for managing Christmas parties on WW in this post.

20 Easy Weight Watchers Christmas Cookie Recipes

These delightful WW cookies will knock your socks off with flavor without breaking the points budget. Almost all points are the same for MyWW Blue, Green, and Purple plans.

Weight Watchers Classic Sugar Cookies (3 points) – Just 3 points each, these traditional cookies speak holiday fun. Use this Weight Watchers cookie dough to make a simple round cookie or cut out shapes with cookie cutters.

Hungry Girl White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie (4 points) – This hearty, good-sized cookie is made healthier with applesauce and whole wheat flour.

WW Devil’s Food Cookies (2 points) – Surprise! These chocolate cookies include lentils for a boost of fiber without affecting flavor.

MyWW Banana Oatmeal Cookies (1 point on Green and Blue, 0 points Purple) – While more of a healthy muffin-type flavor, these healthier cookies are so low in points that you can add them to your collection of Christmas cookies to savor and enjoy.

WW Jello Cookie

These WW Funfetti Jello cookies are fun for kids and adults.

Funfetti Jello Cookies (2 points) – These delicious, soft cookies taste like your favorite cake with sprinkles and are made healthier with Greek yogurt. Mix and match the Jello flavor to create variations.

Pound Dropper Soft Ginger Cookies (2 points) – Cinnamon, cloves, and ginger make these cookies a holiday delight.

weight watchers ginger cookie

Weight Watchers Ginger Cookies are just 2 points each.

Weight Watchers Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (1 point) – If your family likes a traditional favorite, these mini chocolate chip cookies are just 1 point each.

Weight Watchers Whoopie Pies (4 points) – These delightfully rich chocolate treats are yummy any time of the year.

WW whoopie pie recipe

These rich chocolate treats are good any time of the year.

WW Pumpkin Pie Tarts (4 points) – Each of these pumpkin pie tarts will give you all the flavor of a traditional pumpkin pie for a fraction of the points and calories. Top each one with a bit of fat-free whipped topping or vanilla Halo Top ice cream.

WW Pumpkin Pie tarts

Get all the flavor of pumpkin pie for a fraction of the points.

Weight Watchers 2 Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies (2 points) – Simple to make and just 2 points each, these cookies are a great addition to any WW cookie tray. If you want a variety of this same recipe that’s different from a cookie, check out our WW pumpkin muffins or WW Pumpkin Gingerbread by Zack.

Weight Watchers Mini Pecan Pies (3 points each) – Traditional pecan pie is a huge points bomb so these little mini versions are a great way to enjoy the traditional flavor for just a few points.

WW Minty Chocolate Delights (2 points) – Made with Andes Mint chips, these rich cookies are full of chocolate flavor. Try using peppermint chips for a candy-cane type flavor.

Weight Watchers Mini Brownie Bites (3 points) – These delightful little brownies have a festive holiday flair.

WW brownie bites

Enjoy WW brownie mini-bites with holiday flavor.

Weight Watchers Toasted Almond Cranberry Bark Recipe (1 point) – These healthy bars have a Greek yogurt base which makes they especially low in points. You’ll love the cranberry, almond, and chocolate in each bite.

weight watchers toasted almond cranberry bark

This delicious yogurt bark has flavor from cranberries and almonds.

Weight Watchers Apple Pie Cookies (2 points) – These easy cookies are made with a sugar-free cake mix and include a sweet vanilla glaze.

WW Cracker Cookies (2 points) – These delicious sweet and salty treats use Ritz thins as a base and are topped with Hershey’s sugar-free chocolate.

Shortbread Cookies for WW (5 points) – This delicious shortbread recipe is a Christmas classic.

WW Spritz Cookies (5 points) – These classic holiday cookies are made with a cookie gun or press and are especially fun for kids to make.

Holly Bunches by Emily Bites (2 points) – These marshmallow treats look especially festive on a cookie tray.

WW Holiday Bunches

These marshmallow treats are fun for kids who will never know it’s a WW-friendly recipe.

Pound Dropper Chocolate Crinkle Cookies (2 points) – These delightful chocolate cookies are easy to make with a sugar-free cake mix.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Balls (2 points) – Similar to a traditional buckeye treat, these delicious bites are the perfect mix of sweet and salty.

With these healthier cookie recipes, you’ll be able to enjoy treats and still reach your weight loss goals.

What’s your favorite holiday cookie? Share in the comments below.

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