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Most of us are good starters when it comes to fitness goals. We are lousy finishers. It feels great to get started. It’s exciting! We are movitated. This time is going to be the time! Sticking with healthy eating and exercise for the long haul is tough. After awhile, it’s just not fun anymore. It rather sucks. How can we avoid burn out and find success when it comes to faithful fitness?

How to Avoid Burn Out and Find Fitness Success

  1. Fitness must be a priority from the start. WE must be a priority. If we are working out in crummy cheap shoes, never investing in a personal trainer, gym membership, or program of any type, not buying high-quality food, or taking the time and effort we need, of course we are going to quickly burn out on our goals. We must make our fitness goals a priority which means investment — time, money, and energy. If we are constantly trying to skirt by with the cheapest, least, and lowest — we can’t expect to get very far. This doesn’t mean we need to have the Cadillac version, but we have to expect to invest.
  2. Surround ourselves with people who are doing what we do. Fitness gets lonely at times. Finding people who are doing what we do is helpful. Online is good. In person is even better. When we are around people who make exercise and healthy eating a lifestyle, it doesn’t feel quite so weird. It feels normal.
  3. Failure is Feedback. Life is not a pass/fail experience. Instead, we see our decisions as chances to try things out. Try something, see what happens. If it doesn’t work, we make adjustments and try something else. Oh well. We are able to quit taking everything so seriously!

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The End of the Weirdly Faithful Fitness Series

Today marks the end of the Weirdly Faithful Fitness Series, my first experience with the Write 31 Days challenge. What did you think of the series? Did you enjoy going in-depth on one topic? Do you have ideas for a topic for next year? I loved the challenge and plan to participate again. I came pretty close to making it the whole 31 days. I missed a few days (grace!). Thanks for coming along for the journey!

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What have you found helpful in sticking with your fitness goals? How do you avoid burnout?

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