Last week I asked for your best fitness advice in this post: Ask the Experts: You!, and what fantastic advice you all gave!

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Here is some of the advice which was shared:

Make it mean something : ) –John Crane
Move more, eat less. —Oscar Morales
I have to say that what has motivated me most recently in regards to health/fitness is a health scare. I was recently hospitalized and that has really triggered me to be more aware of what I’m consuming. Right now as I’m not 100% better I’m just working on the 10,000 steps a day. Haven’t hit it yet, but each day I’m getting closer!  –Julie Onos
My advice is to choose what works for you and what you enjoy doing. If  you aren’t a person who enjoys the gym atmosphere – exercise outside or with a video at home. If you hate Step classes or Spin classes…try everything and then pick what you enjoy the most. Make it more about doing something that makes you feel good and less about a diet or exercise plan. That has really helped me – also, I would say every 6 months or so I switch it all around and try new things, new routines..keep it fresh and keep yourself motivated! –Moi
Having a friend to hold you accountable that you can work out with. –Tara Ulrich
When I decided to get healthy again after my husband’s bout with cancer, I started by purchasing a pedometer and walking 10,000 steps a day. I find that having goals is really important for me–whether it’s walking 10,000 steps a day, entering a race (5k, 10k or 1/2 marathon), or going on a strenuous hike with a friend (and feeling invigorated afterwards instead of dead 😉 ). –Anita
Coffee… i find if my workout time is moved even a half hour from the normal time i workout Im less motivated so id say getting it on a schedule and keeping it there. –D. SmithNWesson 
Consistency! Keep a simple record (perhaps on a monthly calender – track activity. I would also suggest aiming for a weekly and monthly goal in number form to be active (goal dependent days to do something active – however that works out for you) 3-5 x weekly = 12-20 x monthly. = your aim for the month. Use stickers, checks or something and keep visible to help keep you on track. A range (3-5) allows flexibility for ideal and practical. For instance, if you ideally aim for 5 x but life happens, you are not out of the game because you missed, your still within range of your goal minimum of 3 or 4 x. Have a plan with “wiggle” room to succeed in increasing activity, health and fitness! Also having the weekly and monthly goals help provide perspective. A week is set in a bigger picture of the month and helps create context that keeps from discouragement. I also agree wholeheartedly with Moi and Anita below! Great advice. Always remember something is better than nothing at times when you are trying to build consistency , habit and routine. Both intensity and consistency are needed, but opt to “just do it” and you will keep moving in the right direction toward fitness/activity as a lifestyle/habit! —Dawn Paoletta
I have been trying to get 3 short 15 minute workouts in per day. —Rachelle Paige
Choose what you like, and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks you should do. For example, I cannot stand the gym. It’s indoors, it’s intimidating, it’s downright boring. The only reason I am a member of one is so I can take classes, which I love! I love the music, the interaction, and the support. I really like being outdoors, so some days my choice is to take a walk or work in the garden. I also believe it is important to start where you are at. That might mean parking further away than usual from the store so your walk to the door is longer. Or walking the circumference of the store with your shopping cart once you are inside. That can be quite a distance, and if you’re a shopper, well, then it’s just that much more fun. Or standing up during TV commercials and doing a few squats or dance moves. Whatever works, right? Something is better than nothing, and more is even better. (That’s not my quote, but it’s a good one!)  —Christine Drews
I never liked exercising. In high school I found away to get of gym class for a semester, I got a Dr. to give me a note. I started going to the gym with my husband and I found it could be fun. I enjoyed working out with him and he challenges me. Then I was diagnosed with Stage Zero breast cancer. I stopped going to the gym do to surgery and radiation. What surprised me is I missed it. I was glad when I was able to go back. We changed gyms recently and that has made a difference. New equipment and more things to do. Our son got into working out because he saw his parents doing it. Working out with someone helps me stay motivated. —Adriane

Q. How do you get re-started after a slump?

* Start Where You Are!
* Use What You Have!
* Do What You Can!

If we polled across all ages and athletic abilities my guess is that we would find that most of us would have the desire to be more active.

It can seem very overwhelming and almost impossible to re-start after a slump!

* It’s Cold Out…
* I’m Out of Shape…
* I don’t have a training buddy…

The list can go on.

In the time it takes to think of a reason why NOT to start, we could have put on our shoes and headed out of the door!

The Magic Solution is to M O V E !!!

Tiny movement can produce amazing results!

The Highest Mountains have been climbed one step at a time!!!

Start small. Whether you are an avid athlete or just beginning to explore your fitness opportunities, you can re-start after your slump by locating your “Exercise Shoes”, finding your “Fitness Jacket” and getting yourself outside under the sun.

(If you don’t have a training jacket and shoes, no problem, “Use What You Have!”)

Just find a way to head out! Walk around your neighborhood!

Make it a goal to notice your surroundings… to listen to your foot strike and deliberately breathe deeply.

The movement IS the “Medicine”!

Starting makes it easier to get to the gym the next time!
Getting to the gym might lead to meeting a work out buddy!
Meeting a workout buddy might lead to more frequent workouts!
And so on…
…and so on…
…and so on!!!

What NOT to do: Do NOT wait until you:

* Lose Weight
* Get in Shape
* Buy Special Equipment

Start NOW! Today! You may meet someone that you “Touch, Move or Inspire!”

You never know what goodness waits!

So head out into the world, be open to possibility and trust that you are one step closer to reaching your fitness goals and dreams!

~Carla L. Thompson, EnduranceGIRL and Multi-sport Enthusiast!

I like DVDs I can do at home as soon as I get out of bed. That means 5am on weekdays and around 7:30am on Saturdays. I take Sundays off. I’ve had gym memberships and tried afternoon or evening workouts in the past and those have failed miserably for me. Honestly, I’m kind of lazy. I don’t want to have to leave my house and drive anywhere to work out and I know as soon as I get off work I am doing nothing else besides making dinner and cleaning up the kitchen. I will never run because first of all, I hate running with a passion, if you see me running you better run too because that means the stabber man is coming. Secondly, I have chronic foot issues that are exacerbated by running and walking. I have done quite a few different DVD programs to keep things fresh, Tae Bo, Turbo Jam, and PiYo are the most recent. I had Hip Hop Abs but Shaun T annoyed me too much, lol. When my stamina increases again or boredom starts to set in I have my sights set on Turbo Fire because it is more intense and I LOVE Chalene Johnson. So I guess my “secret” is find something you will actually do at a time you will actually do it. Switch it up to keep it fresh and DON’T accept excuses from yourself. My fitness date with myself is non-negotiable and the most important thing on my calendar. I have missed 2 workouts in 13 weeks, one because I couldn’t breathe (chest congestion) and one because I was out of town and didn’t wake up in time to go to the workout room, but I did, however, walk quite a bit that day sightseeing. Thought process is also very important. Working out is not a chore to just get through, it is a date with the me I want to be. —Lisa Jones England

Which advice is most helpful to you? What other fitness and exercise advice do you have to share?


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