Finding exercise I enjoy has been a problem for me. I’ve always been more the curl-up-with-a-good-book type of person. Unless I was attempting yet another weight loss program or it was required for gym class (the horrible memories!), I could go days, weeks, or sad to say months, without getting any real physical activity beyond taking care of my kids or perhaps a walk around Walmart.

One Weird Thing That Helps Me Enjoy Exercise More

So here’s the one weird thing I learned when I lost weight this final time:

I have to make exercise tougher in order to enjoy it.

Ironic, I know, especially considering I hated exercise.

What I’m discovering though is that going to the gym and just barely putting in effort is really not worth the time and energy. When I wasn’t putting in the effort, it felt like a waste of time. I didn’t get a good endorphin feeling from it. It was something, and something is always better than nothing, but working out harder gave me a better feeling of accomplishment, a goal achieved, a better calorie burn, and was the ticket to enjoyment — not every time, but much more often.

Do you enjoy exercise? If you do, what has helped you enjoy it?

If you don’t enjoy exercise, pray about it. What is God telling you? It might feel silly at first, but remember if it matters to you it matters to God. Be weird — let go of guilt and preconceived ideas and listen for God’s voice. What is God telling you about exercise? 

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