One of the top laments about exercise I hear from people is, “I know what I need to do, but I just can’t seem to make myself do it.” In other words, “I need someone to kick me in the butt.” We all need accountability. I know I need it. I am much more likely to show up at the gym if a friend is meeting me there at 5:00am.

It’s a tricky balance though because no one wants to be lectured. We are grown ups and if we feel we are being told what to do, what is our reaction? REBELLION! No way, nuh-huh, you cannot make me! The ultimate goal is changing the “have to” into a “want to,” but until that happens, we have to work it into our day so that it’s almost not even an option to leave it out.

I’ll let you in on a secret. None of us has the “want to” ALL the time, even if we enjoy exercise SOME of the time. Building accountability into our lives helps.

Here are some of my accountability tricks and tips:

Top Ten Exercise Accountability List

1. Sign up to earn a prize.

2. Sign up for an event.

3. Tell someone you will be doing it and ask them to check with you if you did it.

4. Post about it on social media (before you do it, not after). Sorry people this is annoying for — scroll through.

5. Join a team, group, or class.

6. Teach someone else.

7. Put some money into it.

8. Hire someone to remind you/train you/motivate you.

9. Be your kids’ role model.

10. Meet a friend for a fitness date.

exercise accountability

What are some of your ideas for exercise accountability? What has worked for you in the past? Comment below.


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