Are you wondering about the best Weight Watchers bread recommendations? Here are low-point breads that are hearty and satisfying without taking too many points.

As someone who has been a WW member for many years and is now maintaining at goal and Lifetime, here are breads I have eaten and enjoyed.

Best WW bread

Eat Bread and Still Lose Weight

Do you have to give up carbs to lose weight?

In a word, no.

With the current trend of Keto and Paleo diets, it would seem that cutting back on carbs is the key to weight loss.

Not so fast. While there can be benefits to eating a low carb lifestyle, your body needs carbohydrates for energy. Focus on whole grains to give you more fiber and avoid sugar crashes.

WW teaches that you can still lose weight while eating carbs and has the science to back it up.


How to Eat Bread on WW and Lose Weight

Weight Watchers is essentially a low calorie diet, so when looking for bread keep an eye on calories per serving. Choose whole grains as much as possible and watch out for added sugar, which will increase the points value.

I’m currently maintaining a 100 pound weight loss with WW and I eat bread, rice, potatoes, and other carbohydrates. I try to steer clear of empty carbs such as potato chips, white bread, and baked treats.

While I still enjoy these foods from time to time, I’ve found they don’t keep me satisfied very long so I use them as a splurge instead of a regular part of my diet.


What bread is best for Weight Watchers?

While there isn’t one best bread for weight loss, some good choices are light breads (like Pepperidge Farm and Sara Lee light breads), high fiber tortillas, bread made from 2 ingredient dough, and 647 bread.

Check out our list below of the top 7 breads for Weight Watchers members. Most are 1-2 points per slice, are filled with whole grains, and will keep you satisfied without using too many of your daily points.


How many Weight Watchers points is bread?

Here are some points for bread types on the program. These points are for MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple.

Light bread – 1 point per slice

Sandwich bread – 2 points per slice

Italian bread – 2 points per slice

French baguette bread – 5 points per piece

Ciabatta bun – 7 points each

Bagel, 1 large – 11 points

You can see why finding healthy, lower-point ww bread options will help you save points for other foods during your day.


Where Can I Buy WW bread?

Most of these lighter breads can be purchased at Walmart (click here for our complete WW Walmart shopping list), find them on Amazon, or at your local grocery store.


Top 7 Breads for WW Members

After trying many breads during my 20+ years and 100 pound weight loss journey with Weight Watchers, these are my top recommendations.

1. Light Bread

Light breads are breads that are cut thinner and have a lighter texture than regular bread. We’ve listed quite a few brands below and you can purchase the store brand at places like Walmart or your local grocery store.

I find most of these breads to taste similar. They aren’t fabulous but they aren’t bad either.

Light breads aren’t going to be very hardy to eat on their own (compared to say, a thick slice of French bread slathered in butter) but they aren’t bad on a sandwich or for toast to go with your morning scrambled eggs.

Also keep an eye out for light hot dog and hamburger buns. A light hamburger bun with a turkey burger or a light hot dog bun with a turkey dog make a quick go-to meal to keep on hand.

These breads are typically 1 point per slice on MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple.

Pepperidge Farm light bread – A light bread that is 1 point per slice on all plans.

Sara Lee Light Bread – 1 point per slice on all plans

Sara Lee Delightful Hamburger Buns  – These are great for a lean hamburger or turkey burger. Try them with our Crockpot French Dip or Instant Pot Pepperoncini Pot Roast.

Other brands of light bread include Aunt Millie’s 35 calorie, Country Kitchen Light, Healthy Life, Nature’s Harvest, Nature’s Own and Wonder Light.

2. 647 Bread

647 Bread by Schmidt is a type of light bread but one that many WW members prefer over other light breads.

Schmidt Old Tyme 647 is named because it’s only 6 net carbs, 40 calories, 7 grams of fiber and just 1 gram of sugar per slice.

647 Bread comes in white, wheat, Italian, and buns are also available. Find it on Amazon, Walmart, or your local grocery story.

Schmidt 647 bread is 1 point per slice on MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple and sandwich rolls are 2 points on all plans.

3. Dave’s Killer Thin Sliced Bread

Dave’s Killer bread is a bit higher in points at 2 points per slice, but if you enjoy bread that is hearty and full of crunchy delicious stuff, this is the bread for you.

I eat this bread toasted with light Smart Balance or even better, a thin smear of peanut butter and sliced bananas for my afternoon snack.

Make sure you get the thin slice because the regular version is higher in points.

4. High Fiber Tortillas

There are a number of lower calorie, high fiber tortillas on the market today that are a great option for WW members. Be sure to scan the package since the points can vary greatly by brand.

Most high fiber tortillas are 1-2 points each on MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple.

Ole Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Tortillas – 1 point each on all plans

Mission Carb Balance Tortillas – These are my great for flavor and texture. They are soft and wrap well or can be baked until crispy. These tortillas are 2 points each on all plans.

Check out our method for making Air Fryer tortilla chips out of any of these high fiber tortillas.

5. Joseph’s Lavash & Pita Bread

In my book, Joseph’s products are the clear winner in terms of getting the most for your points value. Their Lavash breads are huge (at 2 points each) and make a great wrap or thin pizza crust. The pita breads are great for making a healthy gyro, sandwich, or breakfast.

I also like to cut these into pita chips for my air fryer.

Joseph’s Lavash and Pitas are 1-2 points each on WW Green, Blue, and Purple.

6. Sandwich Thins & Bagel Thins

Sandwich thins are a thinner version of a traditional favorite and most are around 100 calories.

Most sandwich thins are 4 points and bagel thins are 3 points each on all plans,  so while not quite a low in points as other options, these are still a good alternative to traditional bread.

Arnold Sandwich Thins, Orowheat Sandwich Thins, and Thomas’ Bagel Thins are brands to choose.

7. Two Ingredient Dough Bagels, Breadsticks, Pizza Crust, & More

While this will require some work on your part, you really can’t beat two ingredient dough for making delicious WW bread options.

Made with just plain, non-fat Greek yogurt and self-rising flour, this delicious, slightly tangy dough can be made into:

How many ww points is 2 ingredient dough? One batch of 2-ingredient dough makes 6 servings of 3 points each.

Can’t find self-rising flour? Don’t sweat it – here is a recipe for making self-rising flour at home.

Best Weight Watchers Bread – Honorable Mention

The following are not my top favorite bread options for WW, but they are still worth mentioning.

Flat Out Light Bread – Many WW members love Flat Out breads because they are low in points, great for wraps or pizza crusts, and come in a wide variety of flavors.

I’m just not personally a huge fan of these flat breads. I’ve tried them several times and find them grainy.

Still, if you like them, go for it because they are just 2 points per flatbread on all plans and that is for a good sized serving.

Make sure you get the “light” Flat Out as traditional types are higher in points.

Jicama Wraps – Trader Joe’s has a Jicima wrap that many WW members love. I haven’t tried it yet but plan to do so soon. Check out our complete list of WW Trader Joe’s items here.

Crepini Egg Thins – Weight Watchers members seem to either love or hate these egg wraps. I personally liked them.

If you are expecting a traditional tortilla you will be disappointed, but if you are open to these being what they are (a very thin omelet-type wrap that can be folded or wrapped), find them in the refrigerator section near the eggs.

Crepini Egg Thins are 1 point each on all plans.

Low carb breads, bagels, buns, and tortillas – As the Keto craze is sweeping the world, companies are scrambling to come up with low-carb bread alternatives.

For WW members, I encourage caution here because many low carb breads are made with almond flour which is actually higher in points than breads made with regular recipes.

Scan on the WW app before you buy and certainly before you eat.

Do you love bread as much as I do? With these healthy options, there’s no reason you can’t get to your goal weight eating bread.

Use one of these lower-points bread options to stay within your daily points allowance and still enjoy delicious meals that include bread.

What’s your favorite ww bread? Share in the comments below.

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